Thick Latinas (25 Photos)

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    • Women are beautiful, their skin , curves, hair, smile. It’s what draws real men to them. It’s not objectifying, it’s in our DNA to be attracted to women’s attributes. You’re not a man so that’s why you don’t understand!

  1. I have noticed that African Americans have a thing about Latinas. You befriend them, Marry them,etc.
    Over here in England, United Kingdom, its a difference matter,between Afro – British and them.
    We have little in common. And do not Social or befriend/marry with them (well with the exception of Jamacian Men, who are happy to be Breed with Latinas, though Jamacian Men, like Breeding with any type of Women) them. To I, Latinas are basically, White Women and I have no interest in them.
    And Latinas are basically unique to London, only and do not exist in other parts of England.

  2. Tarik – I think you are peddling soft porn; if not the SIN of LUST for men who are desperate and lonely … Sins of the flesh will only find you an eternity in HELL … PLEASE repent of these sins and ask JESUS for forgiveness … GOD will forgive a multitude of sins, but YOU have to repent

  3. Can you imagine the absolutely disgusting grossness that these girls will become after 30 years of age? Or thereabouts.

    I can smell them from here; it’s as if they sell vaginas for a living.

  4. It is hard to believe personal qualities, other than a thick booty, is all it takes for a man to want to be with a woman. if the sensations of squeezing on a women and getting off is all that is on your mind…then a prostitute is all you want.
    Do you want to have a relationship with someone that is a prostitute or prostituted for a living? How many men have these attractive…big booty woman slept with in the last week, month or year?
    What personal qualities would lead a man to want something more from a woman that is a walking, talking, constantly prepping ad for sex for sale? Do you want to marry a thick booty woman and raise a family and be concerned about other men making plays for them just like you did? Just because of her booty? Have we become so disrespectful and uncaring? is this an acceptable lifestyle for your daughter or sister?
    With respect for women with big booties, flaunting and wearing jeans like thongs…is this the only way to make money? is there anything special for the man you love? Placing oneself in such unhealthy situations can be dangerous? I know the world of the white man has placed people of color in discriminatory financial positions but is this really the only choice for women to earn a living while maintaining respect for themselves? Or is it just the easiest?
    Prostitution has been around as long as human beings but it honestly bothers me reading words like ‘dating site’ and know that it is little more than a forum for sex for money…for the most part.

    Call me square but I am a black man who has never offered a woman money for sex. This does not make me correct for anyone else but look at what we are doing. I am not handsome or rich but I have had beautiful women in my life without paying them. I have also had relationship with women that were not thick bootied but I loved them for the person that I had come to know, respect and appreciate. Expressing genuine respect and love works and says alot about the overall health of our communities.