Shopify Tips: How to Make $100,000 Per Month Selling Products Online

Pssh…Let me tell you a secret about brothas that are making a FORTUNE selling everyday items online using Shopify, an online ecommerce solution.

I knew about Shopify years ago thanks to Otto Thompson who teaches people how to make money with dropshipping. I knew about people making around $5,000 per month using Otto’s methods but what you are about to learn will make your jaw drop.

Meet Keder Cormier – A Shopify Online Sales Expert

I was browing Youtube late at night looking for information on how to dropship products from China to USA using Aliexpress. That’s when I noticed a brotha who claimed to make $100,000+ per month selling simple stuff using Facebook Ads.

I clicked his video and was instantly blown away. Meet Keder Cormier, a black Haitian online sales & Facebook ads expert.

Keder Cormier

He has completely changed my mindset about dropshipping and I plan to even sell products here on ExpatKings because of his inspiring videos. Watch one of his best videos below where he explains how he makes over $100k selling a selfie stick!

Watch the video now:

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