10 Signs A Filipina is Scamming You

Signs A Filipina is Scamming You

Filipina girls are easy to chat up but it can be difficult sometimes to know whether a Filipina girl really likes you or is a scammer.

I’ve been living in the Philippines for over 4 years and have heard all sorts of sob stories and scams to extract money from your wallet.

Now sometimes the sob story is true and a good friend of mine died in 2020 because she didn’t have $3,000 for a life-saving operation.

I wrote this article to keep you informed and safe because Filipina girls will ask you to send money, gifts, clothes, and food once you start talking to them.

Hopefully, this article will protect you from scammers and save you time and money. Let’s go over all the warning signs to look out for.

1. She Asks For Money Before You Meet Her

Filipina girls make less than $300 per month on average and many younger girls are unemployed and broke.

These girls (especially on online dating sites) will treat you like an ATM so be careful on these apps.

If you join a dating app like PinaLove or FilipinoCupid, many girls will ask you to send money through Paypal or Gcash so they can come to visit you.

Filipina Online Gcash scam

Other girls will ask you to send them load through Globe or Smart so they can continue chatting with you.

Filipina Online Load Scam

In most cases, these girls are scamming you and see you as a walking wallet.

Remember: they could be receiving money/gifts from dozens of guys online and see it as their job.

I have never met a single Filipina girl that asked me to send her money first. You are just wasting your time and she has no plans to visit you so it’s best to just ignore her and chat up other girls.

Do not send your hard-earned money to strange girls in the Philippines. You will get scammed 100% of the time so beware.

2. She Asks You to Book Her a Plane Ticket

Filipina girls live in the province outside of big cities like Manila or Cebu but dream of coming to the big city to earn money and meet their dream husband.

The problem is plane tickets to Manila and Cebu are expensive and most girls cannot afford the ticket fare.

These girls will create an online dating app and look for foreign men to buy them a plane ticket.

She will message you and promise to visit you if you pay for her fare. The truth is she probably has family or friends already living in the city and has no plans to actually meet you.

If she cannot afford a $40 to $100 plane ticket then that’s a big red flag right there.

There are so many Filipina girls available that you don’t need to spend a ton of money on any single girl. They are in abundance so just focus on Filipina girls within your city.

If you want to bring your Filipina girl to your home country then you’ll need to apply for a fiance visa before you book a plane ticket. If she wants to get the visa then you know she will come to visit you for sure.

3. She Doesn’t Want to Use Grab and Asks You for Taxi Fare

When you arrive in the Philippines, you will need to get around the city safely without relying on motorcycles or tricycles.

Grab is the most popular ride-sharing app in the country and everyone uses it to get around.

If you want to bring a girl to your hotel or condo then you will need to book a grab from her location to your place.

However, some girls refuse to use Grab and ask you to send her money through cash for taxi fare.

GCash Taxi scam
Filipina Asking for Money to Pay Taxi Fare Scam

This is a huge scam and she has no plans to ever visit you. While Grab and other ride-sharing apps do have incidents, I have never had a problem using the app for over 4 years.

You can easily track any trip plus you know the full name and license plate number for every driver.

If your Filipina refuses to use Grab and asks you to send her taxi fare then dump her and move on.

4. She Asks You to Send Her Clothing or Food

Filipina girls will use online dating apps to get free food and clothing for her family.

Online dating apps attract lots of young single mothers who got pumped and dumped by a local and are desperate for a rich foreigner to “save them”. SMH

Filipina Food for Kids Scam

Anyway, do not become a white knight and rush to send her gifts because she gives you an incredible sob story.

Most of these girls live with their parents or family and they have food and clothing already.

5. She Asks You to Pay Her Rent or Electric Bills

Filipina girls will prowl dating apps looking for foreigners when they are behind on their rent or electric bills. Sometimes, they are telling the truth but it’s hard to tell for sure.

I’ve met Filipina girls who own expensive iPhones worth over $500 asking to borrow $50 to pay their electric bill. Obviously, she can sell her expensive smartphone and downgrade to a cheaper one to pay her bills.

You are getting into a frustrating situation when you offer to pay her bills because she will keep asking for more and more money.

The best strategy is to avoid it altogether and offer to help her find a job or loan from several Filipina loan apps.

Do not become a walking ATM unless you want to drain your bank account and deal with verbal abuse.

6. She Needs Money for Medical Bills or Operation

Filipina girls will create sympathy and ask for money by telling you they are sick or have a sick relative who needs medical treatment.

This is a touchy subject because I knew a Filipina girl who passed away in 2020 pre-COVID 19 due to medical bills.

It’s really hard to know who is telling the truth and who is lying. I recommend avoiding the situation altogether because most of these stories are 100% lies.

Filipinos can borrow money easily from banks or local loan companies. There are plenty of options available in the country if they need money desperately.

The reason she is asking you is that she has no intentions to pay you back. If she scams a local company then they will know her real name and contact the Police to get their money back.

Understand the situation but don’t offer to pay for anything because that’s what banks or loan companies are for.

7. She Wants You to Pay Her For Sex or Companionship

Filipina girls will hook up with local men for free but ask foreigners to pay her like it’s her side hustle.

This is a huge scam because the true cost of sex in the Philippines is almost zero. You will only pay for Grab taxi, some food, and a few drinks at most.

Sometimes a girl will ask you for money but you should never feel forced to pay her under any circumstances.

Filipina Asking Money for Sex Scam

She may even threaten to call the Police on you if you don’t pay but it’s nothing more than a huge scam.

The truth is you are already “paying” for it by booking her Grab taxi, buying beer, and ordering food online.

I’ve met tons of Filipina girls over the years and I estimate my average cost per date is less than $10.

In contrast, I spent at least $50 per date when dating western women. I consider dating Filipina girls are more cost-friendly alternative without all the BS headaches.

Treat your Filipina date well but never feel obligated to give her cash to spend time with you.

8. She Wants to Bring Her “Male Friend” When She Visits You

Filipina girls are attractive and many of them have local boyfriends who act as her “Pimp”.

Sometimes a girl will offer to meet you as long as she can bring her “kuya” (brother) too.

Next thing you know, you have a young Filipina girl and some Filipino guy show up at your room and they will be asking you for money before they leave.

This guy is actually her boyfriend who joins her on dates to extract as much money as possible.

Do not allow any Filipina to bring a guy along with her. It’s okay if she brings a female friend but don’t meet with greedy girls who have a boyfriend.

9. She Won’t Respond to Your Texts or Calls

Filipina girls will use online dating apps and social networks to get attention from men to boost their self-esteem.

They may talk to you via voice call a few times then stop responding to your messages without warning.

Don’t think she will have a change of heart and suddenly open up to you again. She is laughing at your thirst and hooking up with other guys instead of you.

The Philippines has so many young girls that you don’t have to focus on just 1 and catch Oneitis.

Spin multiple plates and create a list of potential girls to meet up with. Keeping your options open reduces your neediness and protects your emotional health.

10. She Refuses to Meet in Person

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, I noticed a massive amount of Filipina girls selling themselves as “Cam Only” models online.

Filipina Selling Cam Girl Services on Pinalove

She will refuse to meet up and only accept money for a live cam show. I am strongly against paying for live cam chows because you are wasting your seed by masturbating, time, energy, and money.

The truth is these cam girls are usually single moms who need money for foreigners to take care of some local’s offspring.

She is only interested in money if she refuses to meet in person so just next her and move on to the next girl.

If you live in a western country, avoid cam shows and save up your money so you can book a plane ticket and visit the Philippines in real life.

I realize the Metaverse and Web 3.0 are becoming more popular but you cannot compare the feeling of holding a young, beautiful Filipina in your arms to masturbating to her pixels through the internet.

Some things just never change and I prefer real-life meetups over digital cam shows.


That just about wraps things up. I hope you fellas found some value in this article.

If you got scammed by a Filipina then brush it off and don’t make the same mistake twice.

Chalk it up to life experience and look forward to the future.

The Philippines is a playground for men so enjoy your Filipina and stay blessed!

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