10 Signs A Filipina Really Likes You

As a black male ex-pat in the Philippines for over 4 years, I interact with Filipina girls on a daily basis and know the difference between a girl that likes you or is just playing games.

If you’re a foreigner who wants to visit the Philippines or just arrived then it’s very important to know the most obvious signs so you don’t waste a lot of time.

The Philippines is a playground for men of all ages and you need to have an abundance mindset when dating Filipina girls.

Of course, sometimes you will worry about whether a Filipina likes you so I put together this list of key signs to look for.

1. She Contacts You All the Time

Filipinos are obsessed with smartphones and social media so your Filipina will contact you all the time if she really likes you.

Some girls will even send you “Good morning” texts and contact you on a daily basis to keep in touch.

Now, that doesn’t mean a Filipina doesn’t like you if she goes a few days without contact. Your Filipina might not have any money for load or her smartphone got stolen/broken.

However, she should contact you within a few days and explain what happened.

If you don’t talk to a Filipina for more than 1 week then that’s a huge red flag. Once you stop talking to a Filipina girl, it becomes really hard to rekindle the flames.

Don’t blow up her phone with messages or phone calls. Talk to other Filipinas and give her time to reach back out to you again.

2. She Plays with Her Hair or Touches Herself Around You

Preening is huge in the Philippines and girls will become very touchy-feely if she’s attracted to you.

Filipinas will touch their hair, adjust their clothing, lick their lips, or place their hands in a submissive position behind their back to get your attention.

Competition for decent men is huge in the Philippines and the girls will show off their bodies.

If your Filipina doesn’t preen when she’s around you then that’s a red flag.

3. She Makes Eye Contact in Public

Filipina girls will literally stare at you in public if they think you’re attractive. I’ve seen girls of all ages (both young and old) stare at me and other guys with no shame.

If you’re a foreigner then you will get a lot more attention than you normally would back home.

Eye contact is a good sign so use it as a signal to break the ice and say something.

4. She Introduces You to Her Family

Once you start dating a Filipina for a while, she will introduce you to her family. This is very common in the Philippines and you will end up meeting her mom, brothers, sisters, etc.

If your Filipina doesn’t introduce you to her family then that’s a huge red flag. Ask her why and press for an honest answer.

5. She Doesn’t Ask You For Money

Filipina girls on dating sites ask you for money all the time but she won’t if she really likes you.

These girls get dozens of messages every week and could have several different men (both foreigners and locals) chasing her at any given time.

Filipinas will try to scam men she doesn’t find attractive and ask them to send her money, clothes, food, etc.

In my experience, a Filipina who really likes you won’t ask for any money. She will even spend some of her salary on you (even if she earns very little).

Transactional relationships in the Philippines are a headache and don’t work unless you plan on visiting for a few days during vacation.

If you want something real then avoid Filipinas who ask you to pay.

6. She Offers to Cook For You

Filipinas are pretty good cooks and most girls know how to make a variety of different foods.

She will stay at your condo/apartment and cook for you if she really likes you.

If your Filipina asks you to always order delivery then that’s a red flag.

She is either too lazy to cook for you or treats you like an ATM.

7. She Cleans Your Room When She Comes Over

Your Filipina will make sure your room is clean and tidy if she really likes you. I’ve had some super gorgeous young girls get down on their hands and knees to scrub my apartment floor after meeting for a few hours.

If your Filipina visits your room and doesn’t help clean then that’s a red flag. She is just lazy and you should next her and find something better.

8. She Becomes Jealous of Other Girls

Filipinas become very jealous if they really like you. She may ask you a ton of questions about your past relationships or even go through your Facebook and cell phone.

It’s normal because competition for a decent, stable man is high in the Philippines. Most local men make very little money and they can easily get a younger girl at any moment.

If your Filipina acts like she doesn’t care about you being with other girls then she’s just using you.

9. She Wants to Move in With You or Get Married

Filipinas can get clingy and your girl may ask to move in with you very soon or end up staying at your place for weeks.

Sometimes, you will get frustrated because you want to live alone in order to be free and meet other girls.

After a while, your Filipina will ask you to get married, have kids, etc. It’s completely normal in the Philippines so don’t think she’s being needy.

Most Filipinas want to become a wife and mother instead of corporate-wage slave.

Marrying a Filipina woman is a good option for many men who are tired of westernized women and seek a more traditional wife.

10. She Doesn’t Ask You to Wear a Condom

Only Filipina working girls will ask you to wear a condom. A Filipina who really likes you will subconsciously ask you to go in raw in order to get pregnant.

It happens a lot in Asia so be prepared for a pregnancy scare if you don’t wrap it up.

If you are really serious about her then take her to the STD clinic and get tested. That way, you will know for sure if she’s clean and you don’t have to worry about catching anything.


Filipina girls are easy to meet and hook up with. The problem is figuring out whether she really likes you or is using you for your money.

Look out for these signs and see if your relationship is real or fake. Never ignore red flags or always keep your options open by chatting up Filipinas (both online and in real life) on a regular basis.

It keeps your options open so you won’t get needy or too dependent on 1 girl.

There are literally millions of young Filipinas under 30 who want to meet a man like you.

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Stay safe out there fellas!

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  1. This guy is saying that a Filipina wanting you to go in raw is a green flag. Lmao. Obviously, anyone with sense knows that she’s trying to secure access to your money by trapping you with a baby. Even if you run back to ‘Murica, the US govt. could track you down and make you do a paternity test if she has substantial evidence to prove her accusations made against you. And if I that paternity comes back with it saying that you’re the father, you’re fucked.
    Mind you, this may not apply to you if you vetted the girl and she seems to not be shady and y’all are married/in a long term relationship. However, it’s misleading af to say “…A Filipina who really likes you will subconsciously ask you to go in raw…” Whoever wrote this is tryna finesse people. Smdh.