Songkran Festival 2020: What to Expect

Securing the fresh start for the future is something that you’ll only be able to find on the streets of Thailand during the new year festival called Songkran.

It’s the day when Buddhists pour warm water on their relatives in order to help them get clean from the bad luck and misfortune, among the number of other traditional occasions which take place on the festival.

Three days in April is all that it takes to enjoy this amazing and relaxing mix of culture and mesmerizing landmark.

2020’s Songkran (April 13th to 15th)

During the three days in April (13th- 15th), it’s expected to fully cease any work of the citizens, considering how they will be occupied with their national holiday.

The symbolism of water will bring many foreign and domestic citizens who are fun-thirsty, out on the streets performing their usual rituals and enjoying in the sparkling atmosphere of the day.

Important thing related to the festival is also a Merit, visiting nine sacred temples. They are all more than worth visiting, proving again how much history can contribute to the society nowadays by conquering all the differences even if it’s just for a few days.

Wat Pho, What Phra Kaeo, Wat Boworn and many others will surely present themselves as the main starts of the following event.

Where to expect more fun?

During the heat strikes of 40 degrees, no visitor will be able to resist the temptation of taking one water gun, stealing a bit water from the buckets and enjoy few
minutes of water fight to cool down a bit.

If you want to go and see locals doing it, it is recommended to go to Silom in Bangkok where people have a chance to enjoy the view of 5 km closed road and unlimited crowd cheering while running from side to side to mark their own targets, shooting them from a water gun or even pouring water from a bucket.

Pattaya will again be doing Songkran unlike any other place, remarkable for its giant Songkran feast and party. Citizens here enjoy the festival so much that they can’t even stop when it reaches 19th, and they force the festival to move on to the whole week instead.

Spirits are really high and it can be expected even in 2019, following the previous year’s tradition, that Songkran in Pattaya will push the limits of water festival to the new levels.

Tips – Do’s and Don’t

  • Don’t expect to just stay on the side watching other people rush, you will most surely be dragged in the party,
  • Bring sun protecting cosmetics or an umbrella if you are not an active type,
  • Keep it in mind that even in the game spirit, there are some rules like don’t hit anyone or don’t do anything illegal,
  • Take a good care of your stuff
  • Enjoy as much as you can.

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  1. This is the best time to visit Thailand If you don’t mind getting soaked through. Just don’t forget to put your phone and other valuable stuff in a plastic bag so I won’t get wet. I must say, that even if you bring umbrella you’ll most likely be dragged on the road and be shot with water guns.