10 Best Sosua Guest Friendly Hotels

Sosua is a wonderful oasis with lots of beach resorts and relaxing activities. The city is a perfect destination for those that want to have fun during their vacation.

Here you can find plenty of night clubs, karaoke clubs, discos, and bars where you can hang out with beautiful go-go girls, and then take them back to your hotel room.

The following list shows you what are the best 10 Sosua chica friendly hotels that will charge you nothing for your lady joiner.

  1. Sea Breeze Sosua. This hotel is located 5 minutes walk from the beach, and is surrounded by night clubs and restaurants with delicious local cuisine. The hotel rooms have all amenities for a pleasant stay, including: comfortable beds, air conditioning, and high-speed wi-fi. The guest policy allows to take girls over night, with the condition that they leave a valid ID at the front desk.
  2. Hotel D’Piero. This hotel is equipped with everything needed for a relaxing night experience with your lady entertainer. If she is over 20 years old, and is not drunk, she can go with you in your room, which has large beds, air conditioner, wi-fi, minibar, and hot water. The only price you are charged is the cost of the room, which ranges from $40 for a standard room to $90 for a two bedroom apartment, per night.
  3. Bay City Condos Sasua. This hotel provides relaxing accommodation in one bedroom suites, and two bedroom suites. The rooms are renovated in the Caribbean style, and have soft beds, flat TV’s, and modern furnishing. You are charged no joiner fee for your bargirl, but she will need to present an identification card at the reception to be allowed to go with you.
  4. New Garden Hotel. This guest-friendly hotel is in close vicinity to a bunch of night-clubs, bars, and discos, and is in walking distance to the beach, which makes it a perfect place of stay for adventurous tourists. The rooms are equipped with wi-fi, minibars, and cable TV. Even if you bring a girl, you pay nothing for her. You are charged just $76 per night for the room that goes with free breakfast included.
  5. Terra Linda Resort. This hotel has fully equipped rooms, and a big swimming pool with sun lounges where you can relax after a sleepless night spent in the city clubs. The average room’s price is $68, and you will get a large space where you can bring lady guests for a hot night. In exchange for a valid ID, the guests can join you for free.
  6. Rocky’s Rock&Blues Bar and Hotel. This hotel is for tourists that travel on a budget. Nonetheless, it has all basic amenities for a comfortable stay. It is, also in walking distance to the beach. If you return from a night party with a girl, the personnel will not mind it at all, but they will ask for her ID card for safety reasons.
  7. Villas Agua Dulce. This is a luxury hotel, with lavish condos that are equipped with king size beds, flat TV’s, minibars, and air conditioners. It has a large pool where you can rest, while having a view at the impressive natural landscapes. You can do it together with a lady joiner that is free of charge to enter your room, as long as she has left an identity card at the front desk.
  8. Atlantico Sosua. This hotel has fully equipped rooms, a bar, a swimming pool and an extremely polite staff that will assist you when needed. The guest policy of the hotel allows you to bring back a bargirl without paying anything, but from safety considerations she must not be drunk, and provide an ID card at the reception.
  9. Hotel El Colibri. This guest-friendly hotel offers you all amenities for spending your vacation in a relaxing atmosphere. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, and modern furniture. A night companion is not a problem for the hotel. Lady joiners are charged no extra fees, but they need to register with the front desk receptionist.
  10. Casa Cayena. This hotel provides rooms with wonderful views, and a peaceful living atmosphere. The nightlife district is in a 10-minute walk from the hotel. If you bring back a girl, it is important that she is more than 20 years of age, and presents a valid ID before joining you in your room.

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  1. Sosua is wonderful -Went to town on a day trip and had halibut and lobster on the beach for lunch- lobster was way overpriced- but I assumed it is an import- the girls at the happy hour sports bars are very appreciative of a presidente and at 85 cents to get a pretty girl to sit on my lap while she enjoys it – so much the better- girls offered half and half $20 to $35 from a 6 a 7 and an 8. Lunch $35 -ride from Blackbeards including drivers lunch -tips -and drinks $70 -blowjob in bathroom $20 -buying round of drinks for the sports bar $22 -all in all a pleasant afternoon- I highly recommend it!!