Sosua: The World’s Largest Paradise for Black Men

You’ve probably heard about brothas traveling to Brazil, Colombia and Thailand but there’s another paradise for Black men that’s getting a lot of attention lately.

Sosua is a beach town located in the Puerto Plata province of Dominican Republic. It’s about 14 miles from Puerto Plata and 50 miles from Santiago.

Discover why brothas are visiting the Dominican Republic again and again, especially to a special beach town called Sosua.

Sosua is the mecca for black American men in the Dominican Republic and many brothas have called this beach resort town a 2nd home.

I had the opportunity to speak with a veteran visitor to Sosua who dropped some incredible knowledge about where to stay, what to do, how to stay safe etc.

Getting There

You’ll find the cheapest flights to Sosua from JFK so if you’re from New York, then getting to Sosua is cheap and easy for you.

Spirit, Jetblue and American Airlines fly to Sosua roundtrip for under $600.

You’ll need a passport to visit the Dominican Republic but the visa situation is much easier.

American citizens get a VISA on arrival and it’s long enough for short 1 to 2 week trips.

Where to Stay

When it comes to accommodation, you want to stay at a Sosua chica friendly hotel that’s close to the beach with good food and security.

New Garden Hotel is a good place to stay in Sosua because they offer free breakfast, 24/7 security, a nice restaurant, and good overall value for around $40 per night. It’s also guest friendly so you can bring chicas back to your room. The hotel is within walking distance to most of the nightlife.

Search for Sosua hotels so you have a good central place to stay during your trip.

Getting Around Sosua

Most people get around Sosua using taxis or scooters. Taxis are the safer option (especially when getting around at night) but you can rent a scooter to get around the town for a reasonable price.

Renting a scooter costs $20 per day and you only need to leave a photocopy of your passport for security measures. Some companies require that you leave your passport but they will return it once you bring their scooter back without any damages.

Things to Do

Of course, most men visit Sosua for the girls and nightlife but you can try out these activities during the day for a more well rounded trip:

  • 4 Wheeled Drive
  • Scuba Diving
  • Cabaretti Show
  • Take a day trip to another town like Puerto Plata

Check out the available tours at your hotel by asking the front desk or check out some daytours on SITES

What Are Sosua Girls Like?

Sosua girls are mostly black Dominican girls from the DR and Haiti who come from other cities to meet foreign men for companionship and/or relationships.

Many girls are poor and come to Sosua looking for a foreign man to help take care of them because jobs are scarce in the DR.

You’ll also find girls from other countries like Venezulea as well so it’s a big plus if you’re into South American ladies.

Word on the street is Sosua girls prefer Black American men although a lot of white men visit the town and end up spending their trip with Haitian girls.

Their dream is to meet a foreign black man and have a baby because it’s a ticket to a better life and more opportunity.

Some women are looking for foreign husbands and quite a few brothas end up marrying a Dominican girl and starting a family.

If you’re mature and looking for something long term, the DR is one of the best places to find a beautiful younger wife.

How to Meet Sosua Girls

One of the nice things about Sosua is that you won’t have to search for girls. The girls will come up to you!

Word on the street is black men are being chased down the street by these beautiful Dominican ladies. Ha!

No seriously, meeting women in Sosua is a breeze and you can chat up these girls almost anywhere. There are normal girls in Sosua but the reality is the majority of the women are working girls. Mongering is alive and well in Sosua so if you see a beautiful girl standing around, chances are she is looking for someone to go home with.

Meeting girls during the day is an easy option and you can simply take a walk near your hotel and see what you find. If you’re looking to meet the hottest Sosua girls, then you’ll want to check out Sosua’s crazy nightlife and meet girls at the nightclub or bar.


Nightclubs are very popular in Sosua and here’s a list of the best ones:

  • Plastix

Online Dating in Sosua

You can also try some Dominican online dating sites to increase your odds of chatting up a beautiful Dominicana. DominicanCupid is the largest online dating app in the DR and it’s 100% free to create account.

How Much Money Do You Need to Bring to Sosua?

You’ll need around $50 to $75 per day which will cover your hotel, food, transportation, and other needs.

If you’re planning a 1 week trip, then you’ll need around $400 to $500 (not including flights). Most hotels are around $25 to $50 per night and you can eat at local restaurants or pick up some cheap items at nearby convenience stores.

It’s important to keep your expenses under control so you don’t spend too much money and go broke. Here’s a video with more details about managing your finances in Sosua:

Safety Tips & Words of Advice

  • Leave the Matrix BS at the airport – Apparently, more Americans are coming to DR and ruining the scene for long time veterans. Avoid stupid stuff like making it rain in the club, wearing lots of expensive jewelry and acting a fool. Black men come to the DR to get away from all the destructive American behavior. Please respect the country and behave yourself, fellas!
  • Learn Spanish – Many Sosua girls speak English but learning Spanish will give you a more authentic experience and prepare you for other countries like Panama, Costa Rica, and Colombia. Easy Spanish Step by Step is the most purchased Spanish learning book on this site and we also recommend courses like Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone.
  • Be careful who you associate with – There’s been a recent string of unexplained deaths in the DR throughout 2019, including a Black American tourist who was found dead in Sosua. The DR is a poor country and many people want to take advantage of Americans who have more money. Always be careful who you trust and associate with. Trust your gut feeling and don’t be afraid to only hang out with other foreigners to keep yourself safe at all times.

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  1. I think you are wrong sir. Sosua is not a paradise for black men. It’s a paradise for men period. I’ve been to Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Philippines, Montreal, many Caribbean islands, Germany, eastern Europe and all across the USA. The DR is the shit for any red blooded male, white or black.


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