Spotify Review: Best Music & Language App for Travelers

If you are looking for the best mobile app for listening to music and learning language, then you will love Spotify.

I’ve heard about Spotify in the past but I didn’t download the app until recently for several reasons. Youtube was my go-to source for music and language content because it’s widely free and easy to use.

However, I recently had a data limit on my monthly mobile bill in Asia so I had to search for another alternative (streaming video via mobile uses a lot of bandwidth).

The solution?


Spotify launched back in 2011 and allows you to stream/download music via your mobile phone from thousands of different artists around the world. You can use the app for 100% free or purchase a premium account to enjoy an ad-free experience.

Once you download the app, you can easily search for your favorite artists, listen to an artist’s radio station or create your own custom playlist. The benefits are astounding: you enjoy high quality music on your phone for an insanely small price.

As for travelers, Spotify offers an incredible language lesson feature where you can learn many popular languages including French, Spanish, German and many more under the “Word” section located underneath the Browse tab.

How to Get Spotify

  1. Download Spotify from the Google Play Store or iTunes Store
  2. Create a free acccount and start adding your favorite artists
  3. Whenever you find a song you enjoy, add the song to your playlist to create your own mix
  4. Follow your friends on Spotify and listen to their music mix on the go

I highly recommend purchasing a bluetooth speaker to complement the Spotify App in case you want to play music with your friends. You can find many high quality bluetooth speakers on for a decent price.

Spotify is one of my favorite apps of all time and you can purchase the premium plan for as little as $3 depending on which country you are in. When I was traveling in Southeast Asia, I was only paying a couple bucks per month for the premium features.

The downside is Spotify is much more expensive in the United States but I still highly recommend it. You can use the free version as well if you don’t mind listening to annoying ads in between your music experience.

What do you think?

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