Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Welcome, bro!

I’m Tarik, the creator of this website: ExpatKings. If you are interested in traveling outside of the Matrix USA (or any Anglo Western Country), then you’ve come to the right page. It contains everything you need to find the perfect country, get your passport and visas, make money and enjoy your trip/move abroad.

In 2009, I was depressed and miserable with the standard American lifestyle. I was sick and tired of putting up with my boring 9 to 5 deskjob, my racist coworkers, and my cheating girlfriend.

I heard some talk about brothas getting treated like KINGS in other countries so I decided enough was enough. That’s when I booked a roundtrip ticket to Costa Rica to experience my first interational vacation outside the Matrix USA.

Downtown San Jose Costa Rica
Downtown San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica was my first eye opening experience outside of the USA and it made me look at America in a different light. When you travel overseas, you will be shocked at how people treat you and the way things operate in different countries.

I no longer desired the standard American dream – House, Car, Wife, etc. I began to desire freedom, great food, warm sunshine, and of course beautiful down to earth women.

The best thing is you can have all of these things if you just TRAVEL OR LEAVE AMERICA.

Ready to Travel? It’s Easy

Are you ready to live your dreams? I’m here to help you. You probably feel like I did back in 2009. I knew I needed a change of pace but didn’t know where to go.

Maybe you feel trapped in your current situation. Maybe you feel alone. Maybe your friends and family are settled into their typical American lives and they just don’t understand why you would give up everything to travel the world.

Step #1 – Get Your Passport

Your passport is the #1 key to unlocking the door to international travel and living overseas. This important document gives you access to every foreign country and it’s really simple to obtain.

Passport Information For US Residents

The United States Passport book application fee is $110 along with a $35 processing fee. Your total cost is only $145. See a full list of passport fees at the US Department of State website. The routine processing time takes 4 to 6 weeks but I highly recommend RushMyPassport to get your passport ASAP. You can get your passport in just 24 hours if you use their expedited 1 day service.

Passport Information for Non-US Residents

Go to your local consulate and inquire about obtaining a new passport. You’ll be able to find a list of fees online or simply visit the local consulate in person. Here’s a list of passport resources for you guys based on our top international visitors by country:

Step #2 – Get a Cheap Unlocked International Dual SIM Smartphone

Buying an unlocked international dual SIM smartphone was one of the smartest decisions I ever made. No longer did I have to pick up a cheap throwaway phone or switch SIM cards over and over again.

An unlocked phone is good for international use and allows you to use your home phone no matter which country you visit. All you need is a local SIM card and you’re ready to rock and roll!

I don’t recommend buying an expensive phone for traveling overseas because I’ve lost more phones than I can count. You don’t want to invest a ton of money only to have your phone lost, stolen and damaged.

The best strategy is to bring 2 phones and leave your more expensive at home when you go out. Take the cheap phone with you everywhere so if it gets lost, it’s no big deal.

I highly recommend the Blu Advance 5.2 for only $60. It’s the best selling phone on this website because it’s affordable, works internationally and can install any kind of app you need.

Blu Advance 5.2
Blue Advance 5.2 Unlocked Dual SIM Smartphone

Which Countries Are Best for Black Men?

If you’re at this stage already, then you are now ready to start exploring other countries.

Here are my top suggestions for first time travelers with little to no travel experience.


Brazilian Women
Brazilian Women

It’s probably my most memorable travel experience of my life full of ups and downs. Brazil has the 2nd largest population of black people in the world behind Nigeria. You’ve got everything: beaches, great weather, women, food, and a lower cost of living. The country is also a bit wild, though. Brazil will really get your emotions running and every man should visit this country at least once.

As of June 2019, US citizens are no longer required to obtain a Brazil tourist visa.

Looking to meet Brazilian women? Create a free account at BrazilCupid and start sending messages to build up connections before your trip.

Here are more articles about Brazil:


Panama Girls
Panamanian Women

It’s cheap, cost to the US and very affordable. Panama uses the US dollar and it’s the #1 retirement destination in the world for Americans. US citizens do not need a Panama visa to enter the country.

Here are some more articles about Panama:

Costa Rica

Costa Rican Girls
Costa Rican Women

It was the first country I visited back in 2009. Costa Rica is very safe and tourist friendly. Many Americans settle their permanently and enjoy the weather, low cost of living and friendly locals. US citizens do not need a Costa Rica visa to enter the country.

Here are some more articles about Costa Rica:


Colombian Woman
Colombian Woman

It’s underrated and one of the best kept secrets in South America. Everything is cheap and the women are absolutely stunning. Did I mention it’s much safer than you would imagine? US citizens do not need a Colombian visa prior to arrival. You will be issued a tourist visa at the airport. Here are more articles about Colombia:


It’s the safest country in West Africa and most Ghanians speak excellent English. They treat you with respect and the country embraces foreign tourism. US citizens need a Ghana visa to enter the country. Here are some articles about Ghana:


It’s the most popular tourist destination in SE Asia and many men keep coming back again and again. The cost of living is super cheap and you’ll enjoy good food, beautiful women and a sense of true food. The only downside is the long flight (16+ hours for US residents). US citizens do not need a Thai visa to enter the country. You get a 30 day tourist visa upon arrival.

Here are more articles about Thailand:

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