Subic Bay Dating Guide: Best Places to Meet Filipina Girls

Subic Bay is a beach resort town location in the Olongapo region of the Luzon, Philippines. It’s a popular tourist destinations for Americans & foreigners who want to soak up some sun and live the laid back beach lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a cheap, relaxed escape from the hustle and bustle of Manila, then Subic Bay is a great place to relax and meet Filipino girls.

Getting Around

Subic is made up of several main locations: Olongapo City, Subic Bay and Barrio Barretto. You can hail a taxi, grab a tricycle or hop on a jeepney to get around the city. Ride share apps like Grab aren’t very popular so just stand by the street and wave down a taxi if you need a direct taxi ride.

Tricycles are the most popular form on transportation in Subic Bay. It can cost you from 50 php to as high as 200 php depending on how far you travel. This is the foreigner price so understand that locals pay less.

Subic Bay Tricycle Drivers

Jeepneys are much cheaper and you can take them for as little as 12 php one way. Ask the driver if he is going to your destination then tell him to let you know when you are close to your destination.

Most of the nightlife takes place in Barrio Barretto and there are lots of tricycles available all over the main strip. Just tell them where you want to get and they usually charge no more than 50 to 200 PHP.

Where to Stay

Most foreigners stay in Barrio Barretto where all the bikini bars and clubs are located. You can book a cheap guest friendly hotel room on Agoda for around $20 near the nightlife. There aren’t any cheap hostels available since Barrio Barretto is a single man’s tourist destination.

My favorite hotel in Barrio Barretto is The Pub Hotel. It’s located right next to Johansson’s Restaurant and only a short walk to Baloy Beach.

Each room comes with A/C, fast free WIFI, international cable TV channels, hot shower, and a work desk if you’re a digital nomad. Prices start at around $20 on Agoda but you can upgrade to a bigger room if you need more space.

The Women of Subic

The girls in Subic are cute and many are more innocent than the girls in Manila & Angeles City who get lots of exposure to foreigners. They are more friendly and easier to talk to since the town doesn’t get nearly as much tourism. If you’re looking for a filipino girlfriend, then Subic Bay is a good place to start.

However, you will discover many of the girls working in the bars of Barrio Barretto are single mothers who were abandoned by their local boyfriends.

Be careful with these girls because many of them are looking for an older foreigner to help them with their bills.

If you are looking for a girlfriend or wife in places like Barrio Barretto then avoid single mothers who only want a meal ticket.

Meeting Girls During the Daytime

You can meet Filipino girls during the daytime or using filipina online dating apps.

Barrio Barretto is pretty slow during the daytime but you can meet girls who are walking around or going shopping.

You may want to hang out at the beaches or Olongapo City to meet Filipino Girls. Malls are probably the best overall places to find beautiful Filipinas who are normal girls with jobs or studying in school.

Harbor Point Mall is the biggest mall in Subic and lots of girls go there to hang out, shop and socialize when they are bored. It’s a mix between indoor and outdoor stores with lots of restaurants, kiosks and clothing stores.

If you’re in Barrio Barretto, there are several nice coffee shops & restaurants located along Olongapo Road. Head over to these spots during the day, grab a bite to eat and strike up a conversation with a Filipino girl.

  • Angel’s Bakery at RH 5 Subic Baraca National Hwy
  • Sit n’ Bull at Del Pilar St
  • Rico’s Restaurant at 110 A National Highway Corner Del Pilar Street
  • Johansson’s at Del Pilar St


There are two nightclubs in Subic to meet Filipino girls: Club M22 and Club V. Both open around 10pm and you’ll find a nice selection of Filipino girls at both these places.

  • Club M22 at Caby’s Commercial,, 94 Magsaysay Dr,
  • Club V at Gallagher St

Gentlemen’s Clubs & Bikini Bars

Nightlife in Subic takes place mostly along the main strip passing through Barrio Barretto. There are several bikini bars & nightclubs that cater to foreigners.

Everything is in close walking distance so you don’t need to take tricycles to get around.

There are two different types of bars: normal and girly bikini bars.

Normal bars are good places to hangout with ladies and drink in a casuap environment without any pressure to take a girl.

You will find many older expats hanging out at these places with their friends or filipina partner.

Sloppy Joes

The only problem is that these bars usually have older girls who are less attractive. Go to the bikini bars if you want a younger filipina.

Bikini bars are also known as girly bars that have dancing girls and a much better selection of girls to choose from.

Girls in these bars are younger and more attractive but you must pay more to take them back to your room.

Here are a few good choices:

  • Paradise Disco
  • Club 20/20
  • Bunny Ranch
  • Cheap Charlie’s Bar
  • Sloppy Joe’s
  • Whiskey Girl
  • Bottoms Up
  • Thumbstar
  • Alaska Club
  • Hotzone
  • Voodoo

Most clubs stay open very late and you can bounce around from bar to bar until you find a place you like.

Drinks cost around 70 to 100php for most beers while hard liquor is a bit more expensive.

If you want a girl to join you then you can buy her a lady drink. A small lady drink costs 160php while a large costs 300php.

When you find a girl you like, you can barfine her and bring her back to your room for around 2 to 3k php.

Most girls will stay for a short time but couls spend thenight if they really like you.

Remember to protect yourself and think twice before falling in love with a bar girl.

These girls are looking for help not love.

Health and Fitness Tips

Staying healthy during your trip to Subic Bay is very important. You can go for a brisk walk on the main strip or head to Baloy Beach for a relaxing beach stroll.

There is only 1 gym open in Barrio Barretto called TyGr Fitness Gym located at 09 Del Pilar Street.

You will find many foreigners and local Filipinas girls working out there every day. It costs 100 php for a daily gym pass, 500php for 1 week, and 1,000 php for 1 month. Your membership includes access to all of the equipment including free weights and machines plus free drinking water.

Not only can you get a good workout in but you can also chat with some of the local filipinas in between sets. Many of the girls at this gym are thick and curvy so head over to TyGr Fitness if you are looking for hard bodied, in shape Subic Bay girls.

Safety Tips

Barrio Baretto and Olongapo City are much safer than Manila or Angeles City. Just practice general safety and avoid getting too drunk. Girlproof your room and you’re good to go.

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