SwissGear SA1908 Travel Backpack Review

The SwissGear TSA-friendly ScanSmart laptop computer backpack offers a durable and efficient storage option for just about any laptop. There are quite a few different features that make this particular backpack worth looking into.


One of the best things about the SwissGear SA1908 is the fact that it is made from ballistic weave fabric, making it incredibly tough and rugged. While this backpack might look a bit too bulky, it is actually not all that big at 9x18x13”.

With a total weight of just 2.65 lbs, it isn’t very heavy either. Inside the backpack you will find a thin nylon material that is very sturdy despite its appearance. Perhaps the best thing about this backpack’s design is that it is so simple yet efficient, which is part and parcel of most SwissGear products.

There are two external pockets for storing items that you need to get to quickly, as well as expandable side pockets for storing drinks. This backpack can accommodate laptops of up to 17”, though some people with slightly larger ones stated that they could fit theirs as well.


The actual laptop compartment can be found in the very back of this laptop. It has a truly unique ScanSmart feature that makes going through airport security a little bit easier overall. You can zip the laptop compartment in this bag all the way down so it folds completely flat. There are also mesh pockets on either side of the backpack that you can use to carry around water bottles or even an umbrella in case of rain.

Airflow Back System

The back and shoulder straps have a thick layer of padding on them for maximum comfort. There is a multi-panel airflow design with mesh panels on the back along with air holes on the front that are ideal for ventilation. These features help to keep you from getting too hot while wearing the backpack, and it’s quite an impressive design.


There is no doubt that the SwissGear SA1908 offers extreme convenience with its TSA-friendly design, but it is also made to be worn for long periods of time without any discomfort. The padded shoulder straps and comprehensive ventilation system make this backpack very comfortable to wear. This backpack is designed to support the back and shoulders, which is particularly ideal for problems with these areas of their body.


  • Very durable overall design
  • Comfortable to wear due to thick padding
  • TSA-friendly design for convenience at airport
  • Fits most laptops


  • Could have a few more pockets


Overall, the SwissGear SA1908 is a great investment to make because of its rugged, convenient design. Going through airport security with a laptop can be quite a hassle, but this backpack makes the whole process a bit easier.

This backpack is quite durable as well as efficient, offering a level of comfort that is rarely seen with these products. If you are currently looking for a new laptop backpack, this is one of the best overall options on the market right now.

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