Thai Women vs Filipino Women

When it comes to SE Asia, Thailand and the Philippines are the two most popular destinations for single men looking to date a beautiful, younger lady.

I’ve lived in both countries as an expat so I know the differences between Thai women and Filipino women to give you an unbiased comparison of both types of girls.

Hopefully, this article will help you focus on either Filipinas or Thai girls depending on your personal tastes and travel goals.


Thai women are mostly shy, reserved girls who open up once they get to know you better. Once you gain their trust, they are awesome to be around and make you feel a lot younger than you are. Their religion is Buddism and the average Thai girl has a lot more respect for men than Filipina girls do. Also, Thailand is the biggest tourist country in the world so Thai girls have more access to better-paying jobs and more opportunity than the average Filipina. This makes Thai girls more appealing to foreigners for long term relationships. Thai women treat you like a king and you won’t have too much drama or problems unless you get involved with a golddigger.

Filipina girls are more social, loud-mouthed and negative as a whole. They know about American culture and foreigners so they are much easier to approach and flirt with. However, there is a lot of poverty in the Philippines so the girls are often desperate to find a foreigner with money to support herself and her family. Filipina girls know about this so a lot of them have a negative attitude towards “life” because they think it’s unfair to earn so little money in their country. Filipinas are more likely to ask for money and use a foreigner like an ATM machine. You could end up spending a lot of money dating a Filipino girl so realize this before you get into a long term relationship.

Winner: Thai Women

Physical Attractiveness

SE Asian girls mostly share similar looks but there are some main physical differences between Thai girls and Filipinas.

Thai girls are more white skinned and thin than Filipina girls because most Thai girls avoid the sun like the plague. Their diet is also much healthier too so you won’t see as many thick girls in Thailand. Their facial features resemble Chinese girls and they are short and very petite on average. Of course, you’ll find some thick Thai girls who are incredibly sexy but they are fewer and far between.

Filipina girls are generally short girls with brown skin and they look more like Mexican girls. The diet in the Philippines is much worse than Thailand so a lot of Filipinas are heavier and thicker than Thai girls. Most girls eat nothing but meat, fish, and rice all day so they gain weight as they get older. Still, Filipinas have more curves than Thai girls and you’ll see a lot of girls with big booties while Thai girls have less “junk in the trunk”.

Overall, Filipinas have more curves than Thai girls so I give them a slight edge on physical attractiveness. This is a personal preference but I saw a lot more DTF girls in the Philippines who were dripping with sex appeal. Thai girls are cute but they don’t really scream “take me to the bedroom” like Filipino women do.

Winner: Filipinas

Communication Skills

There is a major language barrier in Thailand since most Thai girls speak poor English. Most girls know a few words but it’s difficult to have a deep, thought-provoking conversation with a Thai girl unless you learn Thai. Some guys prefer the language barrier because they are sick and tired of arguing with western women. It does feel nice to take a break from the English language.

Filipino women speak Tagalog but almost everyone speaks English due to the colonization of the Philippines by America in the 1800s. Not every Filipina speaks perfect English but it’s easy to communicate with Filipina girls. However, many Filipinas do use curse words and more slang than Thai women. I’ve also heard many Filipinas use the “N word” or say “negro” whenever they talk about a black person. Filipinas are more likely to use negative language, which limits their long term relationship appeal in my opinion.

Winner: Filipino

Homemaking Skills

SE Asian women are expected to take care of the home so many men are looking for a girl with solid cooking, cleaning and childcare skills.

Thai women are great cooks who specialize in preparing healthy meals with lots of vegetables, sprouts, spices, and a smaller amount of fish & meat. I felt much healthier eating Thai food and my energy levels were more stable. Not only is Thai food delicious, but Thai food helps you lose weight and feel younger. When you enter a Thai home, your Thai girl will tell you to remove your shoes in order to keep the place clean. Thai girls keep their homes a bit cleaner than Filipinas who act lazy when it comes to cleaning behind themselves.

Filipino women love to cook local Filipino dishes with lots of meat, fish, and rice. They cook too much fried food and don’t include enough fruits & vegetables in their dishes. The Filipino diet is unhealthy for most foreigners and you’ll notice more overweight foreigners in the Philippines due to the abundance of cheap, unhealthy food. Filipinas are lazier in general and aren’t as clean or health conscious as Thai women. They make good mothers but the abundance of street children in the Philippines means you must choose your Filipina wisely. There are lots of Filipinas who abandon their kids after birth so beware.

Winner: Thai Women

Bedroom Skills

SE Asian women as a whole are more interested in pleasing their man than western women who expect you to do all the hard work (gotta love feminism).

Thai girls are super cute but they are very passive and quiet in the bedroom. Some Thai girls are wild in bed but the average Thai girl is a conformist who is pretty reserved in the sexual department. They make good wives and girlfriends but if you’re looking for a wild one-night stand, you may prefer Filipino women for a night of bouncing off the wall sex.

Filipino women are pretty wild in bed and it’s pretty shocking considering their small size. The brown-skinned girls are the wildest and a young Filipina girl has enough sex appeal to make you break a sweat and need plenty of sleep after a couple of sessions in the bedroom. Also, the abundance of thick Filipina girls adds a different dynamic for men who like the extra cushion for the pushing.

Winner: Filipina Girls


After dealing with Thai women and Filipino women, I think Thai women are better for long term relationships while Filipino women are good for casual dating and fun relationships.

There are plenty of Thai dating sites & Filipina dating sites where you can meet your dream girl.

Most foreign men would be happier with a Thai wife while Filipino women make good girlfriends and casual hookup partners. Divorce in the Philippines is illegal so marrying a Filipina is a lot harder than you think. The only option is annulment and it’s very expensive ($5,000+).

These are just my personal experiences and I’d be happy to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. You cant say Thais are prettier than Filipinas because given that cosmetic surgery industry in Thailand have made them the “center for cheap cosmetic surgery in Asia” use to be South Korea as no.1 in Cosmetic Surgery industry but Thailand had overtaken S.Korea..with that said, Thai women can easily change their looks at a cheap cost! Whereas Filipinas have natural beauty. If you want proof, here, read:

  2. What is really true:

    Filipina girls are more social, loud-mouthed and negative as a whole.

    So boring them ! because they can speak the alinguage they never know when to shut up !

    At least when I get angry and tell to a Thai to shut up she just keep quiet, unlike filipinas who are waiting that I hit them to shut up, and even…

    • Oh my god. You are so proud to post such a gross comment. Hello lower-than-standard-and-loser white man 🙂 I hope you enjoy being yourself. What a great man you are! Enjoy hitting south east asian women!

      • Loser than standard ? Not as much as you I guess.
        I drive a 5millions car and look better than any boyfriend that you can dream about !
        Yes I enjoy being myself and it seems that Asian puxxies also enjoy being with me, or maybe few hundred of them couldn’t enjoy riding me all night long ?
        Enjoy your ugly life <3

    • Sam the man,
      Oh, your eyes were playing tricks on you! You said Thai women looked prettier in general??? You mentioned their tip of noses are pointy, high edge, thats because cosmetic nose surgery and many other plastic surgeries are very cheap in Thailand and Thai women can easily change their looks! This is why even caucasians travel to Thailand for cosmetic surgery tourism!

      Dont get fooled and say women in Thailand are prettier because Filipinas are way prettier and natural beauty! We have 7,000 islands, beautiful Filipina women abound!

  3. I have been travelling to Thailand & Philippines since 1974 & agree with SOME of the comments made about the ladies, but much I disagree with. As far as DNA & ancestry go, forget it as they are people in their own rights & have their own culture, not that of some other nation. They may have inherited some “traditions” (Catholicism in religion) but they have adapted everything to their way of life, (birth control, against Vatican teachings but the church in RP hands condoms to poor people, unofficially). As far as preferring “white men” it isn’t mainly colour of skin, but attitude & they way they are treated by other nationalities. Sex with “coloured” Afro-Americans is so much colour but their boasting as to how they are “hung” that put many off becoming involved & watching American TV shows where they are depicted as living in ghettos doesn’t help as that is what both Thais & Filipinas are trying to get away from, not into, be it a reality of just TV fiction, they believe it. Generally I have found it isn’t the skin colour, race or any of many things mentioned, it is the individual person, so I would suggest those complaining may need to take a look at themselves & their attitudes. Get away from Angeles City, Olongopo, Patpong Road, Soi Cowboy and such places if you are looking for a long term partner, but if not, and just want a good time, then hang around these places & get what you pay for. I am happily settled into life in Philippines (15 months, so still a newbie), near my ex’s family members (half of them, anyhow) and we all get along fine. I have spent some money on them, but they have done so much more for me & not wanted anything in return & are quite happy to include me in family events & get togethers & offer help when they can. The old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” applies to the people of both nations, each is an individual & should be treated the same way as you would treat your own family members & remember, you are in their country so respect their rights & traditions & you will find life much easier with them.

  4. My first thought was you had a very bad exp in phils, and I’m sorry that you went through it.
    As a man been in both countries and new both nations you have made many mistakes in your articles.
    1- appearance :
    Thai girls more beautiful for one reason : they have nose 👃🏻 High edge nose or nose bone what ever you call it, regarding skin colors both countries have white and dark depends on their roots, north thailand have white girls south thailand have the dark and each has it is own beauty, in phils they have Chinese phils and mistiza ( mixed with Spanish or white ) and the original which is darker and both has their own beauty depends on your taste.
    Regarding the curvy, here you fucked up big time, philipinas has the smallest breast in the world, and that’s effect on the all body shape, Thai girls more beautiful in general.

    Second part : language and who will make a better wife
    100% philipinas
    And that’s a long argument, but in general philipinas love to have a mixed blood child and they will adore any foreigner man.
    Thai girls they have their culture and beauty and she will like you only for your money , let’s say ( 60% ) of the time.
    How we can prove that, check phils media and tv , all the people you will see are mixed and not even looking phils, on the other hand the Thai they like who they are and their culture check their tv and adds also.
    One more thing when you are foreigner and they ask you from where you are ? You will hear WOW after
    In thailand you are a farang and you should receive farang treatment
    Now the real deal about Thai women …. they are so damn funny and they make sure you are having fun with them more than philipinas
    That’s I give it to Thai women 100% .
    Philipinas love drama somehow comparing to Thai women.
    With all my love and respect to both nations women and men
    It is just a personal opinion from what I saw and I can’t generalize it as we are dealing with humans.

    • Sam the man,
      Oh, your eyes were playing tricks on you! You said Thai women looked prettier in general??? You mentioned their tip of noses are pointy, high edge, thats because cosmetic nose surgery and many other plastic surgeries are very cheap in Thailand and Thai women can easily change their looks! This is why even caucasians travel to Thailand for cosmetic surgery tourism!

      Dont get fooled and say women in Thailand are prettier because Filipinas are way prettier and natural beauty! We have 7,000 islands, beautiful Filipina women abound!

      • Says a person from Philippines defending her own people. Sadly, thanks to Mainstream Filipino news, celebrities including Vloggers like Nas Daily and many others as well as own Pinoys putting up vidoes on Social Media like Facebook including Instagram and YouTube and rest of the India, Filipinos especially Filipinas have been busted compared to Thai for these 2 reasons:
        1) 1 of Asia’s Largest and South East Asia’s Largest Number of Single Moms especially Single Teen Moms comes from Philippines starting with Own Filipinos who use the girl where Condoms are not used much and where Sexual Intercourse happens before Marriage (Not all guys use but many do where Filipinos follow the Liberal ways ending up in Mess)
        2) Many to most Filipinos have Rubbish Financial Literacy unlike many Thai (worst in South East Asia and 1 of the worst in Asia) – don’t have Savings or Investments via Property, Stock Markets, etc whether without Jobs, long term including after Retirement, Emergencies including Sicknesses, etc. Keep Spending, Living beyond Means, have Debts for many to most Filipinos unlike Thai (all has even been put up by Filipino Mainstream News every year besides by Own Pinoys and Celebrities including Vloggers posting videos all over Social Media and the Internet)

      • Thailand like India beats Philippines for Tourism including meeting the ladies thanks. Yes, Philippines has Natural Beauty but Cultural Aspects NOT MUCH.

        Philippines was a Region that had Hinduism and Buddhism going on along with Tribal Groups before Islam and Westerners with Christianity came (around the same time Mughals came to India before Britishers). Unlike other Western and Asian Countries which hold on to their Root Culture a Lot along with the Adapted Cultures, Philippines got knocked out of it thanks to Spain knocking out most of their Root Culture including with regards to the PACIFIC ISLANDERS CULTURE which is sad as PHILIPPINES is the EPICENTRE OF PACIFIC ISLANDERS.

        Thailand beats India too for Tourism Numbers even though India has the World’s Largest Cultural Diversity because Thailand has BOTH Natural Beauty and Cultural Beauty including Thailand like most Asian and Western Countries sticking to their ROOT CULTURE loads too along with Adapted Culture. Filipino Culture promotes a lot of Western and Asian Culture when it comes to Food, Clothing, Architecture, Entertainment including Books, etc. FILIPINO FOOD definitely has NO Chance to Thai Food, Indian Food, Chinese Food, South Korean Food, Japanese Food, etc (Still Quite a way to go).

        So, NO USE DEFENDING when go up against Next Door Neighbours especially when all of them including Philippines were under Indian and Chinese Influences before Western while also having OWN LOCAL CULTURAL ASPECTS too which Philippines doesn’t have much sadly

      • I disagree with this. My Fiancé is Filipina and if you ask me. Thailand women are worse. They are more golddiggers than Filipino women and not to mention that a lot of Thai women go to Bahrain and other Middle Eastern countries to become prostitutes for money and sell their bodies. Thailand women are more adapt to western culture. I speak from experience that Thailand women are very fucked up. So I understand it’s “your” opinion. But not every opinion is the same. Thailand women are big time scammers. How I know? It happened to me once before. And TBH Thailand may seem like a more advanced country than the Philippines. But other than Muay Thai which I do. Street Food and Thai Buddhist landmarks. What do they really have over there? IJS!

      • Regarding the article , I think its different, I dont think that Filipinas or Pinay women use Westerners as ATMs , its more Thai women who do that. NOT all , lets be clear , but many Thai women tend to cheat , so they find a Western guy who pays for them while having a boyfriend . The most loyal and natural beautiful women I feel attracted to are Filipina women . Of course Asia is full of beautiful women such as Korea , Japan , Taiwan, Vietnam and yes even Thai women are beautiful , but my preference is Filipina women . I am mixed descend , I am a mix of white Christian and atheist Jewish (ethnically , my Ashkenazi Jewish side are atheist Jews who are brown and olive skinned and look Middle Eastern) , I always loved that Filipinas are caring, sweet hearted , good hearted , were raised good and belief in the concept of faithfulness and marriage and they have this Austronesian (Polynesian ) Hawaiian like ” look” . Filipinas are blessed with beauty , smartness, a beautiful smile and a good heart and good values. Nowadays women in the West are horrible , Western women , I tried dating Western women many either want a ONS or an open relationship , which is NOT for me , I am more oldschool despite being 28 years old , I am faithful and I belief in the concept of marriage and loyalty and I respect Filipino culture , their traditions , their beautiful country , the amazing food , my favorite food is Chicken Adobo and I love Luzona Mango Juice and Filipino Mangos are better than Indian and Thai mango fruits. The Phillipines do have fruits too not just fried food like many think . And many Filipinas are proud Morenas who love their dark look and dont use bleaching creme like Thai girls especially Cebuana women are proud of their natural look , many Cebuana women but also other Pinay women who I know even from school where always proud having sun kissed skin and they didnt bleach and never avoided the sun .

  5. Lol haven’t you see light skin girls in Ph?

    You’re very racist towards the Philippines.

    We all knew Filipinas Makes The Best Wives.



    • You sound like a Filipino to me defending his women… 😂 Stop being sensitive guys are probably right so what. What really matter is that your family’s not like that and they are respectable!

  6. Salut à tous,
    Vos commentaires sont tous intéressants et enrichissants. Je trouve les cultures sud -Asiatiques proches de nombreuses cultures Africaines, notamment au plan alimentaire et spirituel. Leur environnement équatorial et tropical y est certainement pour quelque chose.
    Voila pourquoi, je souhaite être en contacte avec des femmes de ces pays: Philippines et Thaïlande.

  7. Base on my experiences with people, all Nationalities and Ethnic Groups was good to me and all Nationalities and Ethnic Groups was mean to me. I had good experiences with all races and I had bad experiences with all races. So to me, no one is more better than the other. We all part of the Human Race: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Brown, it doesn’t even matter if people have olive tan skin we all Human Beings who are not perfect. We all make mistakes and we all learn from our mistakes.

  8. Filipinas are like dominicanas. They love cooking oil grease deep fried double fried everything. Same Spain dna too.

    Ever had pica pollo in domrep its double fried chicken so soft you can eat the bones.

    Fillys love their grease and it goes to hips face and ass. This are slim and healthy with good muscle tone even after kids etc. Food delicious and abundance of low cost high quality. Love Thailand more.

  9. Luisa
    “And regarding the food? You forgot to include that fruits and vegetables in the Philippines are very expensive!”

    My experience food in the Philippines are cheap. Are you trying to eat a western diet in the Philippines. Where are you shopping? Are shopping at the big supermarkets and buying imported food.
    Are you buying at the local markets where the average filipino buy fruits which can be as much as a 1/4 of the price from those big supermarkets.

  10. Been living here in Thailand for almost 7 years and no offense to my thai friends especially the women, but i strongly disagree that thai women is more capable of making homes clean. I always see rooms and houses here looking messy, unorganized and dirty. And regarding the food? You forgot to include that fruits and vegetables in the Philippines are very expensive! So what do you expect about the dishes that they will prepare especially the average Filipina? On the other hand, Filipinos are very known to be the most hospitable people in the world. So if you’ll visit the Philippines, they will surely prepare a lot of yummy and healthy dishes for you no matter what their status is.

  11. I think that African american men are selfish, entitled, play games, and funny (when they got an attitude). There are too many simps and thugs in America. Few men are good, but most of them are arrogant.

    I like to watch Jerry Springer, and Maury cause black people are too funny 😂 on drama and attitude.

    I think black people from Africa, South America, and Carribeans are more humble, hard working and not as entitled as African american. (Sorry, just being honest).

  12. Your article may somehow can mislead people. I have seen most man had a successful relationships with Filipina women, but they tend to be more conservative in terms of sex (you cannot just have sex with them on first date). I think it really depends on person, and not just between Thai or Filipina women. You must speaking based on your experiences and how they treated you as a African American man. The Filipino food is somehow unhealthy, but atleast it doesn’t have any GMO, like what you have in U.S. Some Filipinas, want your money, and wanted to come to U.S. If you go to places like Manila, or Cebu, ohh boy! There are plenty of Filipina women to choose from, from white to darked skin. Philippines 🇵🇭 has a melting pot of different mixes of people in different countries. Again, I think your article is only based on what you experienced and not what other brothas experienced. I feel sorry for you bro that you had a negative experience with Filipina women. Each country has its own problem and not perfect. I also have known that for most AA men, most of you like to insult and disrespect other people but you do not want to be insulted and disrespected. I also think that most of you wanted to be respected and give entitlement, although you all haven’t earned it on the first place. Peace ✌️

  13. I do respect your opinion, however your article is somehow post a rascist remarks. What if I told you, that most AA’s are disrespectful, play games, likes to make fun of people, or SIMPs? Lol see i bet you will get offended too.

  14. I think for the Filipinas you’re very correct if you’re referring to the lower class girls. Based on the location you cited, AC, it is clear you’re not referring to girls who are doctors, work in middle management or the type of you girls you need to put some work into to win.

    Like any other country, when you go after the lower class girls you are going to deal with a lot of ignorance and greed, however this is the same class that is easier to nail.

    When you go after women of a higher stature you will see the difference. They may come off ultra conservative, but once they warm up to you they will rock your world. The main thing about girls from middle class is that culture of saving face- this is a huge deal in the Philippines. Girls from this group and above don’t want to look shameful in the eyes of their family, friends and their peers so chances of them messing with you are much much less.

    They have a bit more money so they can afford to go to gyms, spas and have better diets. These are often a much better pick for any foreigner who has his shit together. If you look or dress like you are snoop, chances of them taking you seriously are very slim. Remember, you have to look good to them and be someone they can show off.

    There are many places in Manila where you can meet fine women, the bars in AC are where you will get everything you just mentioned.

    Not all these girls want white men. They want a decent guy and for the most part, non black males look more appealing because of how they dress and carry themselves – not because of skin. Dress in formal attire don’t be ghetto ass loud and you will win. A lot of black folks don’t get this.

    This is from a very African brother who has no problems getting exquisite honies.

  15. Yep you are correct, white man is every woman’s first choice except for black women…

    In PI they go black After being burned by whitey, but not before. Until such time people like myself are dirt and treated as such. White man gets em in their prime then after being used abused knocked up stretch marked and bitter now they wanna jump fence and go black balls. I’m sorry but that’s unacceptable to me. White man takes their youth and honey, black man later bleeds out his money and is stuck with Tampo damaged entitled fillys who Still want a cracker for social mobility etc. Yes I’ve had filly girl break my heart worse than any other girl on planet. Get burned then learn bro to each their own. I adore them fillys but short time only and am super cautious seeing process repeat itself with others to the point of suicide. They can and will be coldAF. Not worth the risk and they lie more than any other race of women in the 20+ countries I’ve been and lived in. #theshimmyshow

  16. Shimmy

    I cant comment on the your Thailand experience, I have never been their.
    But for the Philippines I never had a problem with women. Why wife hates white men. She has a brother in law the German and he just hates them from her experience with him.
    I’m not saying your wrong from what I have heard and saw they would prefer a white, when compared to a black man. Lets keep it real other than a black woman all other races of woman prefer a white man as first without knowing anything about the other prospective men. Most of the white men treat these Filipinas like their dirt, second class, nannies. They straight up don’t respect them.
    From what I have seen once they get to know how white men operate, these woman change their opinions real fast.
    I know a brother in his 50’s he has been going to the Philippines for over 10 years. He is black like tar and is not very pretty. When he comes to the Philippines he makes a killing. Every time I see him he is with a different beauty.
    There is plenty of woman in the Philippines for everybody.

  17. The man above is correct, I had to comment here. First Re: post.

    Native americans are Asians. (I am “Shimmy” from NDNgirls btw) they did not fall from the sky they crossed the ice/land bridge from Asia. Popular japanese culture references this in the metal gear solid series etc. Not to mention, well, natives look very asian. Thin, same facial features, small P, alcohol intolerance, etc. Natives are not as exotic and rare as we are taught in the west. Canada is full of them. So full of them in fact the white folks are quite annoyed with them frequently, but thats another story. Natives are only rare in america.

    Just wanted to point out that homeboys post above is spot on and the article in general is accurate. I’ve been to PI 5x and Thailand is where I currently reside a few months out of the year. Filly girls want white men, almost exclusively. they have told me this on MANY occasions and i have made several videos about this on my channel from girls in AC and subic mostly. They want a 50+ fat white/jewish man that wont cheat on them, thats their wishlist. Told to me by a handful of AC massage girls. I went on a PI trip for visa run just to do the research on this to see for myself. I’m half black/ethiopian 40yo very good shape got money etc they dont fucking care. I’m off the radar in PI. Thai girls treat me royally and do not discriminate. Whats fucked is im about same skin tone color as PI girls. Thai girls on avg are a few shades lighter. i’m brown, and colorism is real. Both girls prefer white skin, filly girls almost ONLY want white skin. Their racism hurts worse in english, the article is correct in their negative attitude towards life (filly) and entitled mentality who wants that Tampo shit. but theyre fucking cute and fuck good and are pretty. but thai is prettier, thai wins. my show from PI trip last year, theres a few yt eps:


  18. Physical Attractiveness
    “Filipina girls are generally short girls with brown skin and they look more like Mexican girls (due to the Spanish influence).”

    I think you are confusing people from Spain with Hispanics from south and central. People from Spain are white people. The people from South and Central America are mixed with Europeans, Africans and Native people.

    Philippino’s are mixed with white Europeans.

    The reason when they can looks similar to because The Native American genes have the same genetic markers as the south Asian or the Malay. If you go to Indonesia and Malaysia you can see the same people that look Filipino with no Spanish ancestry. The Native Americans originated from Asia.
    Don’t believe you YouTube DNA results for Philipino’s and South Americans most Filipino’s have little to none Spanish ancestry. Its always South East Asian/ Native American and Polynesian make up the majority of the DNA