30 Most Beautiful Thai Women in the World

If there’s one thing that Thailand is well-known for, it’s the country’s abundance of beautiful women. Thai women are known for being petite and ultra-feminine, with delicate features and silky-smooth skin.

1. Supaksorn Chaimongkol

Supaksorn has been featured in movies such as “Handle Me with Care” and “The Trek,” and she’s known for her heart-meltingly sweet smile.

Supaksorn Chaimongkol

2. Woonsen Virithipa

Her bold personality makes Woonsen one of Thailand’s most desirable women, and her willowy body shape and coy eyes draw you in.

Woonsen Virithipa

3. Farung Yuthithum

A classic pageant girl and 2007’s Miss Thailand Universe, Farung turns heads as a rare statuesquely tall (and beautiful) woman, at 5’11”.

Farung Yuthithum

4. Cindy Burbridge

This biracial beauty boasts all of the best of both Thai and Caucasian features, thanks to her unique ethnic background.

Cindy Burbridge

5. Pitchanart Sakakorn

Smart, successful, AND beautiful? Pitchanart holds a Bachelor’s degree from Assumption University, and she’s a successful actress.

Pitchanart Sakakorn

6. Patchrapa Chaichua

One of the most well-loved actresses in Thailand, Patchrapa is also one of the country’s best-paid actresses, and one of the sexiest as well.

Patchrapa Chaichua

7. Matika Arthakornsiripho

Matika acted for over 10 years before the world demanded that she use her gorgeous face and stunning body for the benefit of the modelling industry.

Matika Arthakornsiripho

8. Laila Boonyasak

This model-actress is famous for “Love of Siam,” and her charming, subtle smile melts hearts all over the world.

Laila Boonyasak

9. Nattasha Nauljam

Petite and perfect, Nattasha also made the world laugh at her performance in the 2011 comedy “Suckseed”.

Nattasha Nauljam

10. Sonia Couling

Another biracial beauty, Sonia hosted Thailand’s Next Top Model for a good reason: she’s got stunning supermodel looks herself.

Sonia Couling

11. Khemanit Jamikorn

Khemanit is just as adorable as her stage name: Pancake.

Khemanit Jamikorn

12. Aom Phiyada

A popular TV producer, Aom strikes hearts for her creativity as well as her beautiful body.

Aom Phiyada

13. Michele Waargaard

This Norwegian-Thai beauty brings beautiful music to the world with her career in a pop band.

Michele Waargaard

14. Kanya Rattanapetch

She appeared alongside Laila Boonyasak in “Love of Siam.”

Kanya Rattanapetch

15. Chalida Vijitvongthong

This fashion model beauty has an Indian, Chinese, and Thai ethnic background, and it shows in her gorgeous features.

Chalida Vijitvongthong

16. Paula Taylor

Her delicate features have the best of Thai and British features, and she’s famous for Amazing Race Asia.

Paula Taylor

17. Urassaya Sperbund

Her seductive eyes and thick lips make her a Thai rarity.

Urassaya Sperbund

18. Natthaweeranuch Thongmee

Natthaweeranuch’s sex appeal makes an appearance on Thailand Maxim’s cover.

Natthaweeranuch Thongmee

19. Charm Osathanond

She’s Miss Universe Thailand 2006 for a reason.

Charm Osathanond

20. Chanyasorn Sakorncha

Chanyasorn won Miss Photogenic and is known for her pageant appearances.

Chanyasorn Sakorncha

21. Kesarin Chaichalermpol

Everyone loves a bad girl, and they’re hard to find in Thailand.

Kesarin Chaichalermpol

22. Mai Davika

This fashionable beauty has her own clothing line, Misstar by Davika.

Mai Davika

23. Bongkot Kongmalai

The world knows this beauty as “Tak,” affectionately.

Bongkot Kongmalai

24. Kanokkorn Jaicheun

Another beauty pageant winner, Kanokkorn boasts immaculate skin and a flashy grin.

Kanokkorn Jaicheun

25. Chanidapa Pongsilpipat

Chinese fans love her as much as Thai fans do, with her silky beautiful hair and coy grin.

Chanidapa Pongsilpipat

26. Yaya Urassaya

This young model brings her beauty to “Game Rai Phaii Game Ruk” and more.

Yaya Urassaya

27. Ice Preechaya Pongthananikorn

Her youth and her innocent smile make Ice totally irresistible.

Ice Preechaya Pongthananikorn

28. Tata Young

Famous for her music and her sexy grin.

Tata Young

29. Peung Kunya Leenuttapong

Her delicate features and long dresses are sophisticated and sweet.

Peung Kunya Leenuttapong

30. Apasra Hongsakula

She was (and is) the ultimate Thai beauty: the original Miss Universe 1965.

Apasra Hongsakula

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