Thailand Dating Guide & How to Meet Girls

Thailand is garnering so much attention today on a multinational level because there is a whopping 22.7 million tourists who made their way to the country in 2018. Moreover, many anticipate there will be more people visiting in the coming years. Most people don’t come for the ladyboys, so get that out your mind. There are millions upon millions of petite women with submissive attitudes you cannot find anywhere else, especially in the Western world.

You will instantly notice how popular Thailand is getting while standing in that long immigration line at the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Naturally, you will think the process will be long, drawn out and daunting, but no. The Thai authorities move at lightning fast speeds to get passports stamped, just like what you would see at an Olympic track meet. They are moving so fast that they don’t even ask you for the 20,000 baht that many websites claim is a requirement for entering the country!

Some of the major cities to meet beautiful women in Thailand include Chiang Mai in the north near Laos, Pattaya in the South, and the capital Bangkok.


The peak season for Thailand is January to March, and that is the best time to go and meet women because they are out enjoying themselves and the weather. One the flip side, prices for hotels, food, transportation and general services are sky-high, but still sky-low in USD terms.

Humidity is also low during this season, so you can walk around and hit on women without sweat pouring from your forehead-which could sully the game. In fact, in the north, near Chiang Mai, the temperature gets really cold early in the mornings to the point you need to wear a sweater or jacket.

The crowds are larger during the peak season, bringing many European women that you can put your game down. Temperature can range between 70°F to 90°F depending on the region. Surprisingly, from what I have noticed, flights are really cheap around this time as well, especially for the economy classes. Cheapest price I have ever seen was $200 to Thailand from the west coast of the United States. However, expect double rates for rooms and crowded streets around this time, but also an active nightlife scene that brings most Western men.

May to October is the low season because humidity is very high. A towel need to stay on your forehead all the time. As you know, this a tropical country so when it rains; it rains A LOT! Street floods happen all the time, so when the cab drops you off at your hotel expect your shoes and socks to get wet. Rain storms could last for hours to days. However, prices will drop and there are less crowds, but also less women to hit on.


Learning the language is a major factor in Thailand. Most Thais learn English in grade school, so everyone knows a couple of basic words. However, unlike the Philippines or Malaysia where a large amount of the population speaks English, Thais, for the most part, have a problem communicating the language.

There is a shortage of English teachers in Thailand because they are usually backpackers who only teach basic things and then quit and go on to the next country. However, it is important to keep a positive body language when you are interacting with people because that will speaks volumes.

However, attempting to learn the Thai language will work out in your favor. Women will smile when you speak their native language.

Here are some basic phrases to start you off:

Hello – Sah-Wat-Dee

How Are You? – Sah-Bai-Dee-My

Thank You – Cop-Coon

Sorry/Excuse Me – Khot-Hort

How much is it? – Rah-Kah-Thao-Rai (I know this one is a bit more difficult to say, but you’ll get it!)

Getting Around Thailand

Taking public transportation in Thailand is completely different from in the United States. Of course, you can order an Uber, Lyft, or private car hire but there are also First Class and VIP trains and buses that travel from city to city. They come with a stewardess who serves snacks and play movies, and the seats have a lot of legroom. Some VIP buses have a single seat row on the left side, so be sure to ask the counter person to book those seats so you can have one alone to yourself.

The first class trains to Chiang Mai is Train 9 and to Bangkok is Train 10. Train 9 leaves in the evenings before 18:00 and Train 10 leaves early in the mornings before 8:00 daily. Some cars have private booths (you might need to share with someone if you did not book both booths), and the second class section has a lower level (cost more) and an upper level bed.

When you arrive in the cities, the most expensive way to get around is by taxi. The second expensive way is Uber and the third is tuk tuk. Last on the list is a public bus. When you are a foreigner in Thailand, someone is always trying to get your attention for a ride so it is very easy to get around.

Where To Stay?

There are new hotel constructions everywhere in Thailand and owners want people to stay there. These are the perfect places to bring a Thai lady back to a room for a nightcap. has really cheap hotels, sometimes cheaper than the original price when going to the property. Other times it is more expensive. Most hotels around Thailand honor bookings from similar travel websites such as Expedia and Travelocity.

Renthub has some really nice apartments and condos around Thailand for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. I have seen condos for $200-300 a month.

Things To Do In Thailand

Chiang Mai

In the north, there is the Tiger Kingdom where you can get up-close-and-personal with live tigers. How about flesh-eating fish that feasts on the dead cells for an underwater manicure? They had a full meal on mine! Some other tourist spots are Doi Suthep, Old City Temple, and the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.


In Bangkok, there is the famous Buddhist temple and some weekend markets like Chatuchak. Khao San Road has a more Western vibe with thirsty vendors who are desperate to get your business. However, if you are feeling a bit more raunchy, then the Red Light District on Soi Cowboys is more of your steelo. Some usual tourist spots are Wat Pho and riding the Sly Train.


If you want to get women in Thailand then Pattaya Walking Street is where you need to be. That is where everyone goes to fulfill their fantasies. Let me warn you, most men who frequent that area are paying for sex and the women there expects money. Some other tourist spots are the Sanctuary of Truth, Tiffany Cabaret Show, Wat Phra Khao Yai (Big Buddha Hill), and the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden.

The Women of Thailand

Thai women are respectful, friendly and always full of smiles no matter who you are. When a Thai woman gets familiar with seeing your face and realizes you are not a bad guy, she typically warms up to you. Use that to your advantage. Let her know that you are in fact a cool guy. Once you become familiar to her, you become likeable. Also, keep in mind that there is a difference between a woman liking you, and just being friendly. Remember, friendliness is part of her culture. One way of knowing if a Thai woman potentially like you is if she stays in your vicinity, sits next to you and start a conversation with you. Generally, if a Thai woman avoids you like getting up and moving her seat, she is not interested.

Chat With Thai Girls Online

Beware that many countries in Southeast Asia are known for having mail-order brides. These are women who posts their profiles for American men to marry them so they can get a green card to that country. So, be mindful when visiting those websites. However, there are plenty of dating websites to get Thai women:

Europeans Want Their Cheeks Busted

I have seen plenty of women visit Thailand and very open to getting gamed. You will meet many from the United States, Europe, Australia, Brazil and more. Trust me, some of them only come to Thailand to get their cheeks busted. So, if you are getting sexual vibes from a Westerner then put your game down. You are not at home anymore!

Meet Girls During The Daytime

Let’s face it, Thailand is all about money and you can always find girls at the markets. Fashion malls are great places also. From my experience, go to any place where there are high-class women. They are very open to dating foreign men.

Safety Tips

Try not to get drunk publicly in the streets. If you happen to rub a Thai male or female the wrong way, that can lead to a fight because they are trying to save face. You will lose that battle on the streets and in court, no matter who was in the wrong. Try to stay away from drunk Thai men because they tend to go crazy. Also, watch out for other tourists, especially Westerners, because they tend to get a bit aggressive while drunk too.

Another rule of thumb when partying is to never leave your drink unattended, especially on those alleged mafia-run islands like Koh Tao.

Stay out of dangerous areas. Unfortunately, some of the most untrustworthy people and scammers love going to the Red Light District and anywhere else with a lot of money like Khao San Road. Wherever there is money and scantily-clad women selling their bodies, real thugs are lurking nearby. Stay extra careful in these areas.

Thailand is pretty straightforward for the most part. Petty crime happens, but very rare. If you stay away from gangsters you should be fine!

It is natural to be friendly and polite, but also learn how to say no (‘Mai’ or ‘Chai Mai’ in Thai). People will approach you with all types of offers and will sometimes get mad when you say no. Just politely say no with a smile and keep it moving.

Conclusion: Thailand Is A Great Place To Meet Women

Thailand is a great place to meet women if you know where to go and who to talk to. Be wary of who you lay your game. For the most part, you should be fine. If a Thai woman is into you, she will start a conversation with you. Enjoy your trip in Thailand!

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  1. The information in your blog is very insightful, and I appreciate you sharing your experiences. I generally don’t like to bring up race but feel the need to only because some people have stated Thai women are only interested in white men. Recently I watched a video by a black YouTuber who stated Thai women are not interested in black men. If I am not mistaken I think this YouTuber visited Bangkok but I could be wrong. Based on your experiences, are Thai women receptive to dating dark skinned black American men? Are there certain cities in Thailand best suited for black men? I’m in my 40’s and the days of partying are over therefore I would like to visit Chiang Mai or Krabi. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.