Top 10 European Countries to Find a Wife

Women from Europe are smart, beautiful and educated. Once they got married, they live the combination of a modern and traditional way of life!

European women are always devoted to their home and family, but most of them have their job, so they do not depend on their husband’s money. They make only the exception if they have to dedicate to the kids. European woman always put their family first.

No wonder that most of them are becoming good wives and mothers.

Since Europe is a multicultural environment, women are different everywhere, but everyone is unique in their way. In these ten European countries, you will undoubtedly find a suitable wife.


10. Finland


Finnish girls are one of the most beautiful in Europe. Since they live in the north, they have a light ten. Mostly they are slim and tall, which makes them so attractive.

Finland is the first European state which gave their woman the right to vote, so today, Finnish woman got used to their independence.

If you wish for a strong woman, and total equality in your marriage, Finland is the best place to look for your future wife.


9. Italy

For those people who are looking for a stylish woman, Italy is the right location. Italian women are among the Europes prettiest ladies. They always wear a little makeup, so their beauty is natural.

Italian women are sensual and sexy, delicate like the most exceptional Italian wine.

For those men who wish to have a true lady as their wife, Italy is the real treasure box.


8. France

France is also a country of beautiful and delicate women. True ladies with a great sense of fashion. French woman is a role model for women around the world. Anyone would love to have a wife like that.

Women from France mostly have the perfect slim figure. Thanks to the healthy diet, they are among the thinnest ladies in Europe. If you marry a French woman, you will always have tasty and healthy meals.

And not to mention that, if you want to find the love of your life, you should start from Paris, the city of love, himself.


7. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is not only the country of beer and outstanding culture! It is a home of some extraordinary woman.

Perhaps they will look cold and uninterested at first, but Czech girls are very relaxed and fun. First, you must gain their trust, because they don’t like frivolous men. These girls are special because they want real gentlemen, and you can conquer their hart with some small details like, for example, if you buy them rose, or hold their coats.

If you are the right guy for her, Czech woman will offer you her heart entirely and be devoted to your relationship or marriage.


6. Spain

The Spanish are probably the most passionate people in the whole of Europe, and the Spanish woman certainly knows how to love a man.

Also Spanish ladies love to dance and good sense of humor. They are really friendly, kind, but they don’t fall for stories of wealth and expensive cars.

Their character is strong, and they are real fighters. Your Spanish girl will always be around in tough times, and she won’t run away that easily. The Spanish woman is clever and strong enough to keep her family happy and satisfied.

Spain has the most titles in the Miss Europe beauty contest so far!


5. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia also has a strong and traditional women! They know that family comes first!

Do you like good food? The women from Bosnia are great cooks and housewives. You will love their traditional meals, which they are making with love.

Bosnia is a multicultural environment. It is a home of many religion and cultures, like Muslims, Catholics, Jews and Orthodox Christians. So, women from Bosnia are used to cultural differences, and there are many mixed marriages in this country. Being married to someone who is not the same religion or nationality is not so unusual in Bosnia.


4. Greece

The most warm-hearted women in Europe are probably from Greece. They are usually low height, real pocket Venuses.

Do not let their height fools you. Greek woman has a great and strong character, and they fight for the things that they love until the end, including for the men they adore.

Greek women are very passionate and devoted!


3. Russia

One of the most beautiful girls in Europe live in Russia! You will fell in love with their Slovenian beauty – light ten, blond hair and big eyes.

Rusian girls like to look good, but be aware that they want a strong man next to her side. It s not because they are sweet princesses who need a prince charming to save them. It is because they are a strong woman, and a strong woman needs a strong man.

Rusian women are competent, and they always have their attitude!


2. Romania

She works, she takes care of their family, fights with everyday obligations, but she still looks the best! She won’t call you all the time to ask for help, because these women can take care of themselves.

How can you approach to Romanian woman? Do not worry! She will come to you. Of course, if she finds you attractive.

In Romanian woman, you will find everything you need: a wife, a friend, a lover and a perfect mother for your children!


1. Serbia

Serbian girls are the ideal combination of a modern and traditional woman. They are independent, respectful for their husbands, and they love children.

Women in Serbia take good care of their homes. Also, they learn English and German in schools, so the language barrier is mostly not a problem.

Serbia is very friendly, especially when it comes to strangers, so you will always be welcome here. Young Serbian girls usually like to spend their early twenties working in abroad on cruisers and flight companies. You will have a chance to meet them outside of Serbia, too.

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