Top 10 European Countries with the Most Beautiful Women

Europe is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. It is quite hard to define what exactly beauty is. Beautiful ladies are just like snowflakes, and every single woman is different from one another.

You will come across numerous European women who come in different shapes, colors, sizes as well as religions.

As a matter of fact, these European ladies are known to take proper care of their appearance and are simply ravishing. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have thrown some light on the European countries with the most beautiful women at present.

10. France

Roxane Mesquida, attrice, “Rubber”, Palazzo Morettini

We all know France to be a land of love, romance, perfumes, and flowers. The French women deserve to be in this list of exotic European beauties thanks to their serene personalities plus sophisticated and sober nature.

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9. Italy

Italian Girl

The Italian women are from a country which is known for its monuments, fashion, artworks, and rich historical background. In fact, 2 of the most appealing sex symbols, Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci are from Italy only.

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8. Russia

We have seen lots of glamour models who have their origin in Russia. These girls are endowed with a perfect figure as well as a clear and symmetric face. Examples of perfect Russian beauties can be cited of Irina Shayk.

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7. Turkey

Turkish Woman

Turkish women are reputed for their exotic beauties who have been mentioned in lots of songs and literature as well. It hardly matters whether they are putting on hijabs or whether they are orthodox, one thing that distinguishes these ladies is their alluring dark hair, dark complexion, and chestnut eyes.

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6. Netherlands


Beautiful Dutch Woman

We all know Dutch ladies to be educated as well as career-oriented. They are not only known for their personalities but also their attractiveness as well. If you ever visit Holland, do not fail to date a hot Dutch girl.

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5. Spain

The Spanish ladies are known to be adventurous, dynamic, passionate as well as sensitive which puts them apart from the other European girls out there. These appealing and attractive ladies will surely provide you with a time of your life in case you fall in love with one of them.

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4. Sweden

It is hard to think of the European ladies without taking into account the Swedish girls. In fact, these are the typical Scandinavian women endowed with blue eyes and blond hair. It will be really fun to share your moments along with them thanks to their wonderful feminine attitude plus sense of humor.

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3. Ukraine

A girl from Ukraine typically resembles a Russian girl with darker hair along with more delicate features. Unfortunately, most of these hotties are not able to communicate in English and you will have a much better chance of mingling with them in case you happen to speak either Russian or Ukrainian. Of course, there are some exceptions to this.

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2. Lithuania

This is the land of the blondes where you will come across some of the most sultry ladies on the planet. These Lithuanian girls are reputed for their slim figures and are also extremely cheerful in nature. Moreover, in case they like you, it will be difficult to hold them back.

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1. Poland

Polish girls are reputed for their subtle facial features, fair skin, and alluring blue eyes. The majority of them are able to converse in the English language fluently and possess a wonderful sense of humor as well.

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Top 10 European Countries with the Most Beautiful Women

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  1. All you men including the author of this disgusting article are disgusting little pigs. Typical men objectifying women and rating them based on their looks (even if you have not been to the country). Absolutely ridiculous- you should be ashamed of yourselves. Learn to treat women with R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Probably something you people have not heard of.

  2. Sorry bruh but from my experience in the UK working with Polish, Ukrainian and Russian women is that they’re generally cold & racist asf and they don’t look like the beautiful women in the pictures 👆🏾 Not all of course but a lot tend to be. Polish & Russians actually have a reputation for being racist here in the U.K. I think it’s a cultural thing too so I actually urge black men to stay away from them.

    However i’ve had more pleasant experiences with Lithuanian, Spanish & Swedish Women who were generally kind, open minded and I happened to get on very well with them & they happen look more attractive in my opinion.

  3. Im from Poland and have visited most European countries. These are my observations:
    1. Georgia – Georgian women remind me of Persian. Beautiful white complexion yet very dark hair. Mysterious, seductive vibe. Fertile and curvy as Georgian lands.
    2. Turkey
    3. Slovenia
    4. Spain
    5. Estonia
    6. Austria
    7. Estonia
    8. Poland
    9. Ukraine
    10. Ireland

    • Mike Doc ———– What someone likes varies from person to person. One will be hard pressed to say that USA black women like black men. I will say, however, that a USA black man is unique in most of Europe because in most of Europe there are not many black people. In my experience, black men, and especially USA black men, will have no trouble getting into relationships with the native women of Europe.

    • haha I am a Polish girl raised in Ireland, but a lot of the Polish girls raised in Poland would be extremely racist especially the one in their 30’s+ .Polish girls might seem cold at the start but are quiet approachable and they will get more friendly when they see you are worthy of their friendship.But in Ireland and the UK I know a lot of girls would go for black guys. But this is just my opinion on this and I’m talking about this from my own experience.

  4. My list of the 10 European countries with the Hottest looking women would be the following:
    1.) Ukraine
    2.) Sweden
    3.) The Netherlands
    4.) Czech Republic
    5.) Romania
    6.) France
    7.) Italy
    8.) Germany (Heidi Klum)
    9.) Russia
    10.) Spain (Penelope Cruz)