What is Travel Insurance?

At some point of our lives, we all have come across the phenomenon of insurance. This is when you create a monetary cover for something you find valuable, so that you can be compensated in case of damage or loss. Anything can be insured. From material things such as cars, houses and electronic gadgets, to less tangible things such as life and health.

Travel Insurance is yet another example of this cover plan. Usually, when one travels to a different country or continent, the insurance company they deal with back home, may not be able to provide their services out of their soil.

Therefore, if an accident were to occur or you happen to lose your luggage at the airport, you may end up without any form of compensation if you didn’t have a specific travel insurance. Ergo a travel insurance is a type of insurance that works to cover you during your trips abroad.

How it Works

Once you have your trip planned and all the details worked out, you need to visit your insurance company and see what types of travel insurance packages they offer. There are two main types that you can get: a singular trip travel insurance or an annual travel insurance.

A single trip insurance covers you for only one trip and if you were to take another trip you may have to buy another insurance package. An annual insurance, on the other hand covers multiple trips within the same year.

Depending on how often you travel, you may choose to get either type of insurance, but it is safe to know that annual insurances are far much expensive.

You will need your travel documentation, a form of identification and information about your health when getting the insurance. The providing companies like to figure out the probability of you claiming for coverage or compensation so as to know which package to sell to you.

Always make sure to check the package that offers you maximum cover for all or most aspects of your trip, including health, accidents and loss of personal effects. Some packages cover only one or a few which may end up not being useful to you in the long run.

Why you Need Travel Insurance

Most people ignore the need of a travel insurance claiming that it is an unnecessary expense, but by the simple fact that we cannot foretell the future, it is always good to be ready and prepared for anything.

A travel insurance is important for the following reasons and benefits:

  • It provides cover in case of an accident or medical emergency
  • It will compensate you in the case of lost or stolen luggage
  • You get compensation in the rise of an abrupt event and you have to cancel your already paid for flights.
  • In the case of a flight cancellation or interruption by weather elements you can be reimbursed to get back home or at least find a comfortable place to stay while you wait.
  • If you happen to lose your passport during your trip, the insurance may help you in covering the expenses of replacing it.

A travel insurance is therefore one of the vital things you need to have during your trip no matter how short. It will allow you to enjoy your trip without having worry tagging at the back of your mind.

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