TrulyAsian Review 2020: Is It Good for Meeting Asian Women Online?

Are you looking to meet Asian women online and find love? Online dating remains a popular way to connect with single Asian girls all over the world no matter where you live.

One of the fasting growing asian dating sites is called TrulyAsian. In this review, I’m going to discuss the pros and cons of signing up for this site and provide some tips & tricks to help you navigate the site.

What is TrulyAsian?


TrulyAsian is an online dating site founded by Rometic Limited. The site currently has over 134,000 members making it one of the fastest growing dating sites in the Asia region.

Why Join?

Meet Asian Women in Your Area

One of the nice features about TrulyAsian is you can connect with Asian women in your local area. Most Asian dating sites focus on a specific region but that means you cannot meet your girlfriend in person unless you travel to her country.

TrulyAsian has a lot of members who live in the USA so it’s possible to meet someone special without traveling outside the country. This is very useful for guys who don’t have a lot of time or money to travel abroad.

Connect with Single Women Before Your Trip

Most visitors who come to Expat Kings are interested in international travel and TrulyAsian has a lot of ladies from Thailand, Philippines and China. If you are interested in meeting women from those countries, then TrulyAsian is a good place to start. The majority of the women are from the Philippines and you’ll find a good selection of women, especially in Manila.

Create Your Account

You can sign up for free account to test the site. It’s free to browse the site but you must upgrade to send unlimited messages. The benefits of a premium membership are huge and you should invest a bit of money in your social life if you want to reap the maximum benefits.

Download the Mobile App

TrulyAsian offers a fast mobile app if you want to use the site on your phone. It’s a bit easier to browse & send messages from your phone so you can meet Asian women when you are away from the computer.

Download the Android App | Download the iOS app

Create an Account’

Go to and fill out the sign up form on the homepage.

sign up for Trulyasian

Fill out your email, password, profile name, gender, age, and location then click “Create Account”.

After you sign up, you’ll be asked to confirm your account using Facebook, photo, SMS Text, or ID. Once you choose one of these options, you will unlock your account and head to the main dashboard.

Click the “Edit Profile” link to fill out your personal information.

Fill out as much information as possible so you show up on the search results when girls filter for specific things like age, height, etc. It’s very important to NOT reveal any information about your financial situation to avoid attracting golddiggers.

Upload Your Photos

Next, you’ll want to upload 2 to 3 good photos of yourself smiling and looking confident. I’ve had the most success with a few very good pictures. You can simply ask your friends which photos are the best.


Browse Members

Ok. So now it’s time to browse some girls and see who you are interested in. Go back to your dashboard and click the “Search” tab to browse girls.

This is where you can filter down your search results to find women based on several criteria such as :

  • Age – Filter girls from a specific age group
  • City – Filter girls based on the city they live in
  • Country – Filter girls by country
  • Body type – Filter girls based on your body type preferences
  • Religion – Choose between Christian or Muslim girls

The search function is your opportunity to filter sort your results and come closer to finding the right type of Asian woman based on your personal preferences and taste.

If you are interested in Asian women but don’t know which country to focus on, then simply enter in your preferred age range to see what’s out there. This is a good strategy for guys who don’t have much Asia travel experience but are curious about Asian ladies. Here’s a list of the best countries for meeting Asian women.

If you have a specific country or city in mind, then simply choose the country and focus on it to find single ladies. Most of the girls are from the Philippines and I’ve talked about Filipino women in-depth in a previous article.

Perhaps you have a body type preference? Use the body type search filter to find women based on the following search options: slim, petite, average, athletic, chubby or large.

Finally, if you are looking for strong religious ties, then you can find Christian, Muslim, and other women of religious backgrounds.

Start Sending Messages

Asial girl

My personal experience with Asian women suggests you should be straight to the point in your first messages. Here are some good tips on getting more replies from Asian women.

Depending on where she lives, you may need to alter your strategy a bit. There are a lot of Asian girls living in the United States who are used to being approached online by men. Using a bit of game on the stateside girls will help your overall results so you don’t appear too desperate or needy. Once she replies, you can start building a connection and things should progress naturally.

As for the girls who live in Asia, you don’t need to “neg” the girls or use game on them as you would back in the United States. Asian women who live in Asia require little game since girls understand how valuable a good looking foreigner with money is. Your value is already high enough that you don’t need an elite level game or PUA tactics.

It’s best to be polite yet firm with your messages in my experience. Sending explicit pics will turn some girls off and you’ll get blocked. It depends on the girl but proceed with caution here fellas.

If you are in your home country, it’s easiest to ask for her WhatsApp Number or Facebook profile so you can do a video call. This is very important because you need to see what your girl looks like before you invest your time and energy chatting with her.

Simply add her number to your cell phone then start a video call on WhatsApp. Add her country code to the beginning of her number you must remember the plus sign for her number to appear on WhatsApp:

Facebook chat is another option but I don’t use it as much to maintain my privacy. Facebook contains a lot of personal information about your job and personal lifestyle that you may want to hide from girls until you get to know them. It’s really up to you but Facebook is another free option for men to chat with Asian girls.

Upgrade Your Account

TrulyAsian operates like many other Asian dating websites that require payment to send unlimited messages. Becoming a Premium Member accounts allows you to fully use all the benefits of the site including:

  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Message Translation
  • Video Chat
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Profile translation
  • Private photo sharing
  • Incognito mode
  • See who liked your photo
  • Show at the top of the browse page

A premium membership gives you access to everything on the site and will help you receive more messages and replies. The language translation feature is useful for contacting girls who live in China or Thailand because most girls don’t speak great English in those countries.

How much does TrulyAsian cost?

TrulyAsian offers two different membership options for basic users:

  • $2.95 for a 1 week trial
  • $28.95 for a 1 month membership

Why signup?

If you plan to visit Asia in the near future, using online dating sites can save you a LOT of money. Going out to bars & nightclubs every night puts a huge dent in your budget and the last thing you want to do is run out of money before your trip ends.

I made this mistake during my first trip to Asia when I was spending $20 to $30 every night on club entrance fees, drinks, food, etc. I wish I had just saved my money and used dating sites more in the beginning and went out a lot less. It’s fun to go out and party but it’s bad for your health and your wallet.

Also, most of the girls you meet at night are either party girls, weekend warriors, working girls or freelancers. You cannot meet any lady for a serious relationship by going out at night. Stop kidding yourself.

TrulyAsian is filled with lots of down to earth girls who don’t go to bars or nightclubs prowling for foreign men. Many of these girls had normal jobs or live at home with their parents. These types of girls are better for long term relationships.

$30 a month is a small investment in your social & dating life plus you’ll avoid drinking too much alcohol or wasting money on clubs & food while intoxicated.

How to Upgrade Your Account

It’s easy to upgrade your account by visiting your dashboard and clicking the red “Go Premium” button.

TrulyAsian accepts credit cards and Paypal. You can pay using their 100% secure payment processor:

The 7 day trial costs only $2.95 so try it out for a week and see if you get results.

TrulyAsian FAQ

Is TrulyAsian Legit? Is TrulyAsian a Scam?

TrulyAsian is a 100% legit site with over 120,000 members already registered on the site. Charging a monthly membership (instead of credits) is a good strategy to keep scammers at bay and attract a higher quality user base. You’ll find a lot more scammers and lower quality girls on the free dating sites because anyone can sign up.

Do Asian Girls like black men?

Yes. If you’re messaging Asian women in the United States, then they are very familiar with hip hop culture and should be easier to connect with. Asian women who live outside of America are open to dating black men too and you can try some popular places like Thailand, Philippines and China for starters.

In my personal experience, if you message an Asian girl and don’t receive a reply, then she’s not interested. It doesn’t mean she’s ignoring you though because there is a stigma in Asian culture called “saving face”. Asian girls don’t rudely reject men like western women.

If she’s interested, she will reply to your messages. Once she starts asking you personal questions, then you’re good to go. Check out this article for 6 signs that an Asian woman is interested in you.

Sign Up for Free

Thai girl

Don’t wait until you plan your trip to Asia to start meeting women. TrulyAsian is a great site for browsing single Asian girls who can accompany you on your trip and show you a good time.

There are lots of local USA girls on the site too so you can find love without using your passport. Sign up for a free account and start building some connections today.

Give TrulyAsian a try and improve your dating and social life!

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