TrulyThai Review 2021 – Is it Good for Meeting Thai Girls?

Are you looking to meet Thai girls online? It’s no surprise Thailand is the world’s most popular tourist destination because of its great weather, cheap cost of living, tasty foods and beautiful Thai girls.

Before you take a trip to Thailand, I recommend signing up for a few Thai online dating sites to send messages to Thai girls in advance. This will help you make the most of your trip, especially if you only spend a few days or weeks in the “Land of Smiles”.

In this article, I’m going to review TrulyThai, one of the biggest online Thai dating sites in the world and show you how to create a profile, send messages, and setup dates or find a Thai wife/GF.

Be sure to use all the tips in the article and leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns.

Let’s get started!

What is TrulyThai?


TrulyThai is a Thai online dating website founded by Rometic Limited. The site has over 126,000 members making it one of the largest online dating sites in Thailand.

Why Join?

Connect with Thai women before your trip

The biggest reason to join a dating site like TrulyThai is to start making connections with women before your trip. Thailand is a far trip for most guys and you probably won’t speak or learn much Thai during your stay there. Since most locals speak very little English, having a local Thai GF/Wife will not only help you get around the country, but can help you save money on things like renting an apartment, buying things, etc. Many foreign guys meet their Thai partner on dating sites so you have someone waiting for you at the airport.

Also, you can start pipelining girls in advance so you have a couple dates setup before you arrive in Thailand. Let’s say for example you only spend 7 days in Thailand. That means you must make everyday count so it’s much easier to connect with a bunch of girls then meet them when you arrive so you have more options upon arrival. Since most guys don’t message girls in advance, they end up being stuck with only 1 Thai girl or getting involved in Thailand’s notorious P4P scene. Using online dating gives you more options and makes you trip more enjoyable.

Create Your Account

You can sign up for free account to test the site. It’s free to browse the site but you must upgrade to send unlimited messages. The benefits of a premium membership are huge and you should invest a bit of money in your social life if you want to reap the maximum benefits.

Step 1 – Create an Account

Go to and click “Join for Free” on the homepage.

Fill out your name, email, password and gender then click “Create Account”.

After you signup, you’ll receive a confirmation email and go straight to your member dashboard. Click the “Edit Profile” link to fill out your personal information.

Fill out as much information as possible so you show up on the search results when girls filter for specific things like age, height, etc. It’s very important to NOT reveal any information about your financial situation to avoid attracting golddiggers.

Upload Your Photos

Next, you’ll want to upload 2 to 3 good photos of yourself smiling and looking confident. I’ve had the most success with a few very good pictures. You can simply ask your friends which photos are the best or try online dating tips for more advice.

Browse Members

Ok. So now it’s time to browse some Thai girls and see who you are interested in. Go back to your dashboard and click the “Search” tab to browse girls.

There are several different options:

  • Advanced search lets you filter women by age, location, etc
  • Browse profiles show all the girls currently online
  • Member search lets you find a specific profile name

If you are visiting Bangkok, then use the advanced search and select “Bangkok” under the State field. That’s the easiest way for you to meet Thai women who live in Bangkok if you are planning a trip there.

Another strategy is to go broad and leave the “State” field bank and just search by age, kids, etc. That way, you can discover new travel spots that you may have overlooked. Most foreigners go to Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket but you can also get some tips on the best cities to meet Thai women.

Generally, province girls are much sweeter and less corrupt than their big city counterparts who get tons of exposure to foreigners every day.

Start Sending Messages

My personal experience with Thai girls is to send them very simple to understand messages in English because most girls don’t speak great English. Be straight to the point and use simple words so girls understand what you are saying.

However, you don’t need to “neg” the girls or use game on them as you would back in the United States. Thai women require little game since girls understand how valuable a good looking foreigner with money is in the Thailand.

Your value is already high enough that you don’t need an elite level game or PUA tactics. It’s best to be polite yet firm with your messages in my experience. Sending explicit pics will turn some girls off and you’ll get blocked. It depends on the girl but proceed with caution here fellas.

If you are in your home country, it’s easiest to ask for her WhatsApp Number or Facebook profile so you can do a video call. This is very important because you need to see what your girl looks like before you invest your time and energy chatting with her.

Simply add her number to your cell phone then start a video call on WhatsApp. The country code for the Thailand is +66 and you must remember the plus sign for her number to appear on WhatsApp:

+66 123 456 7890

Facebook chat is another option but I don’t use it as much to maintain my privacy. Facebook contains a lot of personal information about your job and personal lifestyle that you may want to hide from girls until you get to know them. It’s really up to you but Facebook is another free option for men to chat with Thai girls.

Upgrade Account

TrulyThai operates like many other Asian dating websites that require payment to send unlimited messages. Upgrading to an Elite Member accounts allows you to fully use all the benefits of the site including:

  • Webcam to Instant Chat
  • Instant Chat
  • Send Unlimited Messages
  • Read all messages
  • Premium Support
  • Elite Badge
  • Receive SMS notifications

The Webcam feature is unique to TrulyThai and I’ve never seen any other Thai dating site use this feature. Of course, the main benefit is to send and receive unlimited messages without any hassles.

How much does TrulyThai Cost?

TrulyThai offers two different membership options for basic users:

  • $2.95 for a 1 week trial
  • $28.95 for a 1 month membership

Why Signup?

If you plan on visiting Thailand in the future, using online dating sites can not only save you money but lots of headaches as well. I’ve been to Thailand twice and things have turned for the worst ever since the glory days of Thailand several years ago. Locals are getting more aggressive towards foreigners and many girls are looking for foreigners just to get cash from them. It’s getting harder to meet a decent, normal girl who isn’t a semi-pro expecting money from you. Online dating is a way to make good Thai girls who won’t treat you like a walking ATM.

Also, online dating can save you money and protect your health. Many foreigners go to Thailand, get drunk at the nightclubs, and end up getting robbed or beat up. If nothing else, you spend a lot of money going out every night plus you wake up in the morning with a hangover and lighter wallet. I understand it’s fun to party and enjoy life but over the long term it’s bad for your health and wealth. Meeting girls online prevents you from developing a bad drinking habit and ensures you stay healthier as you reach old age.

The nice thing about TrulyThai is many girls on the site are just normal Thai girls looking to meet a nice foreigher just like you. You don’t need to impress them with your money, clothes, cars, or social status like western women. Being a mature, responsible guy with enough money to take care of yourself is all you need.

$30 a month is a small investment in your social & dating life plus you’ll avoid drinking too much alcohol or wasting money on clubs & food while intoxicated.

How to Upgrade Your Account

It’s easy to upgrade your account by visiting your dashboard and clicking the green “Upgrade Now” button.
TrulyThai accepts credit cards and you can pay using their 100% secure payment processor:

The 7 day trial costs only $2.95 so try it out for a week and see if you get results. TrulyThai is the only Thai dating site I’ve ever seen with a 1 week trial so it’s another reason to give them a try.

Arrange Friends

Once you start chatting up a Thai girl, you need to exchange contract information to setup the date.

Pickup a DTAC, True or AIS SIM card so you have a local Thai number to share with the ladies. I received my SIM card upon arriving at the aiport for 40 baht but you can buy one at any 711 for around the same price.

It’s easy to add load to your phone at any 711 or use a top up site like Recharge.

I recommending purchasing a good unlocked dual SIM smartphone so you can easily insert your Thai SIM card without worrying about getting a new phone. Download the Line app to your smartphone because many Thai girls use this app to talk with their friends for free. Whatsapp is also popular too.

Most Thai girls text so sending her a text is the best way to reach her. You can meet her nearby your hotel room then take her back to your room and get to know her better.

Thais can be distrustful of foreigners at first but will really open up once they meet you in person.

TrulyThai FAQ

Is TrulyThai Legit? Is TrulyThai Thai?

TrulyThai is a 100% legit site with over 125,000 members already registered on the site. Charging a monthly membership (instead of credits) is a good strategy to keep scammers at bay and attract a higher quality user base. You’ll find a lot more scammers and lower quality girls on the free dating sites because anyone can sign up. Here are some good tips to avoid online dating scams.

Is TrulyThai full of ladyboys?

Most of the profiles on TrulyThai are girls and most ladyboys do not use the site. You’ll find a lot more ladyboys on Tinder than niche dating sites.

Do Thai girls like Black men?

Yes. There is a big niche of Thai girls who are into hip hop music and sports so they are interested in black men. The good thing about Thai is they won’t lead you on if they aren’t interested in you. So if a girl doesn’t reply to your messages then she’s definitely not interested.

Big cities like Bangkok and Pattaya have more girls who are into black men so I’d start my search there. Most guys fly into Bangkok anyway so step a couple of nights there and send a few messages to the ladies in Manila. Do a search of hip hop themed nightclubs and bars to easily find girls who are into black men.

Sign Up Today for Free

If you are planning a trip to Thailand, don’t wait until the last minute to meet Thai girls.

Sign up for a TrulyThai account at least 1 month before your trip and start building connections right away. That way, you can have a beautiful Thai girl waiting for you to arrive and have a good time.

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