The Ultimate Guide to Dating Panamanian Girls

Having several years of living in Panama under my belt, I would say that I have become an expert when it comes to dating Panamanian women. I have had more girlfriends and FWB’s in Panama than I have ever had in any other country.

Panama is a country of great diversity and the majority of the population is heavily mixed. There is even a prominent population of African Panamanians so black men visiting the country won’t appear so exotic.

Panama is also unique in the fact that it has one of the biggest Chinese populations in Latin America, so there may be opportunities to quench your occasional yellow fever.

Learn to dance

First and foremost, the majority of Panamanian girls love to dance and party. Panamanians are known to have a culture of senseless celebration at all times of the year. Recent booms in the economy had only exaggerated the frequency of such partying. Every week you should expect, parades or some sort of celebration. Much of the Panamanian youth are night owls, even during the weekdays.

If you are a young foreign guy, then you will easily get invited to parties; meaning opportunities to network with some local females. Knowing how to dance at such shindigs will score points with any Panameña.

Be passionate

Panamanian girls like directness and passion from their man on a daily basis. They will also respond with double the amount of passion that you give them. They believe in expressing their emotions freely and loudly. If your Panamanian girlfriend is angry, sad, jealous, or happy, she will make it loud and clear. I would especially like to emphasize the jealous part.

Dress nicely

Even though the infrastructure in Panama does not look so great, Panamanians put a great deal of effort into looking good on the street. Panamanian ladies scoff at the fact that so many Americans and Europeans come to the country in shorts and sandals. Throwing on a nice suit for a date will go a lot further than having six-pack abs.

Be a gentleman

Panamanian girls are old-fashioned, so they want you to pay for dinner, open the door for them, pull out their chair, carry their bags, etc… They will especially look down on men that do not give them gifts on occasion. Gifts do not have to be expensive, they appreciate little signs that tell them that you appreciate them.

Learn Spanish

Most of the college educated Panamanians will know English but they will appreciate the effort you put into learning their language. American tourists are stereotyped for never attempting to learn Spanish so going against the grain will definitely improve your game.

Online Dating Tips

Most of the popular dating sites and applications that are popular in the United States do not perform very well in Panama. Tinder, OKCupid, POF and other popular sites are filled with fake or inactive profiles.

Most of the real girls primarily use budget mobile phones, so mobile applications are the best source to contact them. More obscure applications like Skout, Badoo, Meet24 and other random apps on the Android market scored me more dates than Tinder ever had.

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  1. I’m a 30yr old man from the u.s looking for love I have heard many good things about Panama could you give me some tips on where the best place there would be to find a good woman for a serious relationship and what’s the best way to approach Panamanian women