How to Watch NFL Games Online for Free (Outside the USA)

If you’re currently living/traveling overseas and outside of the United States, then you’ll find it hard to watch NFL games in foreign countries. Some countries show bigger games like Monday Night Football but most of the Sunday games are ignored.

Here’s an easy way to watch NFL Games online for free for anywhere in the world:

  1. Go to Reddit NFL Streams around Sunday 1pm EST and click any of the games listed.

2. Select which game you want to watch then click the link

3. Each page will list several NFL streams that you can easily watch live on your computer or phone.

You don’t need a VPN using this method. If Reddit doesn’t work, I also recommend as another alternative for watching NFL games live. They also show other sports like soccer and boxing.

Thanks of free live streaming, you can enjoy all the NFL action live as long as you have a stable internet connection. Most of the streams will require at least 2MB or more internet connection or they will be extremely choppy!


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