We Have Officially Launched our New Expat Guides

What’s up fellas!

I just wanted to let you know that we are officially launching our Expat guides section today. A lot of you are dreaming about moving to exotic locations like Brazil, Thailand, Colombia, etc. However, you have to do a lot of research and spend hours upon hours sifting through information to make your decision.

My goal is to help make your move overseas as easy as possible without spending a ton of money.

We thought about charging for this information like InterNation.org does, but our vision is much more than money. We want to create the biggest online travel & expat community for brothas across the globe and making this information should help a lot.

Check Out the Expat Guides Section:

Expat Guides

We have only finished the Brazil expat guide because we know a lot of you are hooked on Brazil just like I was.

We will be adding new guides regularly so please bookmark the page for future reference.

Tell Us Which Countries You Want to Live in

What Country Do You Want to Move to? Which Countries Should We Create Expat Guides on?

We’ll be adding the most popular countries soon but would like your feedback in case we missed a few!

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