6 Lessons I Learned from Dating African Women

Most people discover this website looking for travel information, but I recently received a question on our Facebook page, Best Countries for Black Men, asking what are women in Africa really like.

African women are a big mystery to most western men who only get limited exposure to African immigrants in their homeland. The truth is most African immigrants are men looking for work so you will only receive a skewed view of what African women are really like.

I’ve been to 5 African countries including Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal and the Gambia. African women are quite beautiful, but you would be surprised how much Africa is influenced by European and Western culture. If you are looking to meet a woman in Africa, go for it. However, you should beware several things so you don’t become disappointed on your trip.

African women are obsessed with European culture

Because of European colonization over the years, African women worship European culture and this definitely affects their behavior. You will see a ton of hair weave and fake hair just like you see in America and Europe.

Skin bleaching is also a common problem due to the fact that African men go crazy over most white women. I’ve literally seen African guys fighting each other to talk to a white woman. It’s mainly due to poverty, but this strange behavior encourages African ladies to look as European as possible.

African women expect you to take care of them

In Africa, salaries are extremely low when compared to Europe and America. Jobs are hard to find so most women prefer to find a man and become a housewife. The cost of living in Africa is low enough so you can survive of the man’s income.

If you are sick and tired of career obsessed women in western countries, then Africa will be a breath of fresh air. It’s one of the best places for financially secure men to find a suitable wife.

Sex & Promiscuity is the highest in the world

Just like American women love to cheat on their partners, you will see the same phenomenon in Africa but it’s actually much worse. Africa is the most promiscuous place in the world where sex is as common as eating.

The average African woman has around 5 to 6 children so there are plenty of opportunities for men to get action. In Muslim countries, African men are permitted to have up to 4 wives and I’ve met men who had 4 wives and 25 children.

If you are looking to have a big family and multiple wives, then Africa is the place to go. While polygamy is frowned upon in western nations, Africa embraces manhood and the women are ready for the bedroom 24/7 365.

African women are very sexy on average

The obesity crisis and feminism movement has turned western women into unattractive zombies. On the other hand, African women are hands down the sexiest women on the planet.

During my recent trip to West Africa, I couldn’t believe how many gorgeous women were around me all the time. You walk into a restaurant and you start talking to the hottest girls day after day. Not only are they attractive, but they are in shape and flirtatious.

Another time, I was ordering food at a food cart when 4 African hotties sat down right next to me. I thought I was dreaming because these girls were SO FINE. Young, slim and sexy.

The average African woman is around 20 years old compared to the average age of western women: 40. Living in Africa is like living on a college campus full of beautiful women every day.

Yes, it’s possible to have 4 or more girlfriends in Africa. Anyone who has a little money and confidence will clean up in Africa.

African women like to cook

I went on a date with a Gambian girl and she invited me over for lunch instead of going to a restaurant. African women love to show off their cooking skills and fill your stomach.

After dealing with several African girls, I realize just how lazy and selfish western women are. They always suggest eating out because they are lazy. Eating out all the time costs you extra money and gives them a chance to look for other men to replace you.

Stop going on lunch/dinner dates with these western chicks!

If a woman doesn’t want to cook for you, then she has no respect for you, fellas. Take one trip to Africa and you will see what I mean 🙂

African women are a great option for Black Men in Western Countries

If you are fed up with Black western girls, then you should definitely give African women a chance. They are better looking, sweeter, nicer and great cooks compared to black western chicks.

You have to visit Africa though to get the best experience. African women in western countries like America are corrupted to the core.

The best African countries for beginners are Ghana and Ethiopia. English is widely spoken and many expats (Americans, Chinese, Europeans) have moved there recently.

If you’re looking for the perfect woman, then you won’t find her in Africa because no woman is flawless. However, if you believe in yourself and realize your true value, then Africa is the right place for you.

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What do you think?

Written by Tarik

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  1. I’m going to go visit Ghana in May 2017 and although I am going on a missionary trip I am looking forward to experiencing the people of Ghana.

    • Please leave the poor Africans alone… The last thing they need is more white people coming to their country to brainwash them into worshipping an image of a white man as God.

      • Europeans have been in Africa for centuries and I don’t see that slowing down. African people need to pool their resources so they aren’t so dependent on whites to bring resources to their countries. They already have gold, silver, diamonds, etc. Let’s hope they do a better job of controlling their assets.

      • European countries are sourcing their resources from Africa, without Africa there will be no Europe. Idiot.. European countries are the only problem the world is having

  2. As a white woman living in Africa this is the most sexist thing I have ever read about women. Wow you’re objectifying these women as if they are meat. This doesn’t sound like dating tips, it sounds like sex tourism.

    • I agree! Who is this vile man who is exploiting poor African women for his ego and pleasure. He realized Western women do not tolerate his inability to commit. He is one of those men that sit home all day and play xbox, smoke dope, sleep aand when the woman comes home from work he expects her to cook and clean too and maybe rub his lazy feet. Disgusting moran.

  3. @sarah This man hasn’t said anything sexually explicit about these women. All he mentioned was that African women are simply sexy, gorgeous and great cooks. He’s giving his views and opinions on women from the African countries he has visited so obviously he will comment on their attractiveness. Stop being overly picky. If you care so much about women, go fight for them rather than commenting butthurt nonsense on a comment section that doesn’t even concern you.

    • He said he can USE 4 African women at once and they just accept it because they’re poor and he has money. That means he thinks they’re malia (whores) just for a mans pleasure. Read between the lines.

  4. Nonsense!if you met someone who was in need of your little cash doesn’t mean every African lady is in search of financial help.

  5. Hilarious how you deem western women as selfish and lazy yet what you’re looking for in these women isn’t seen as selfish neither lazy??? Because women all over the world don’t need love right?! The one most important thing you failed to mention in your entire post. Special kinda fool.

    Sounds like you want your cake and eat it. Let’s get one thing clear here, so called western women learn their behaviors from men and with financial independence comes the opportunity to say, you know I’d like to have my needs met too…

    You’re an opportunist at best. Selfish and lazy at worst….

  6. I am not sure Tarik if I agree with you. I have not been to Africa yet. I may go sometime next year 2018. I did meet an Ethiopian girl here in Hawaii and she had a boyfriend and gave me her number. However, after I was nice enough to buy her a Christmas and birthday card, she got offended because I said in the card I wrote to her, “I am your new boyfriend, treat me well”. I am confident and if she did not like that, tough shit, I will move on to the next girl. I know all African women are not like this and some will actually appreciate a young rich and healthy black man with more confidence than Trump.

  7. western women are a nightmare…specailly when it come down to raise the kids, specially english women they have no clue how to raise kids and how to take care of a man that is why they are most single

  8. I agree with you in some of the things but you forgot to mention that African women are smart and intelligent and creative.
    Don’t forget that African is poor because someone is sitting on their resources,manipulating and brainwashing them.
    Again promiscuity is not high in Africa,how many did you sleep with for you to come UP with such?
    Africans are often trained on responsibility and morality as they grow,nurtured on how to make their homes ,take care of their children and houses and respect their husbands and the vice versa.because family matters a lot.
    And I support relevant gender equality,not like what it has become of late.
    Treat an African woman right and she will treat you back like a king and the happiness you both deserve.

    • Why are you not interested in African American men. I’m not sure why other races of men would be more desirable. Black American men have money and success too.

  9. I’m not an African woman ( African American woman) but just reading this article should actually make African women…as well as other races/ nationality of women…NOT want to be bothered to be with an African American man.

    I admit as a young teen/ adult,I liked guys from different races/ nationalities because of stereotypical jazz and
    ” escapism ” but as I got older and looked at the real world,I realized that true love isn’t about loving stereotypes or shallow things. It’s about wanting to be with each other..being good friends,respecting,patient ,kind with other and having common goals of maintaining your family ( if they have one).

    Just reading the qualities of what writer want in their African spouse would make me want to walk out the door. I’ve dated a African man and would date/ marry another if he tickles my fancy. While I would love to learn about his culture ( and vice versa) the main thing that I would hope that the both of us would do in our union is to be together through the thick and the thin.

    I knew a couple of international couples. They have been married for over 20 years ( African American/ African woman or vice versa) .They’ll tell you they love each other a lot but have been through the ups and downs…which is expected of all unions but they want to be together. Good marriages don’t last because of generalizations..they last because of hard work,love and a mutual understanding.

  10. I haven’t dated an African woman, but one did give me my first kiss and cooked without me asking her too. My ex-gf barely cooked and it’s likely because she didn’t respect me. I don’t believe the author is sexist, because many men don’t consider black as beautiful and women in America objectifies us on how much money we make. Melanin is a lovely thing, and if I have to travel overseas to get respect as a black man, so be it.

  11. Ofcourse just like with everything else white people have to commodify it. You talk about African women like they are still slaves. White are the real problem with this world. Work out how to live with your own women and stay out of African lives

  12. Isn’t this a site primarily for men of African descent from the USA? Great article & basically on point. I have been to Ghana & it was wonderful. I will be back in Africa in 2020 by the way of the Ancestors.


    • All types of people visit this site but I’m writing specifically for black men in America and abroad because we are underepresented in the travel industry. This is a safe place for us to chat and share info without racist backlash.

  13. I date an Asian woman, and she loves to cook and clean the house.

    On the contrary, the two black women I dated in the past, did not work at home.

    Besides promiscuity, and diseases, in Africa is kind of a lottery ticket getting an European/expat for paying your bills and having an easier life, so open up your eyes and use a LOT of common sense.

    • Asian girls make great homemakers and many expats do go the asian GF route. Much less resistance.

      African girls are very beautiful but I agree about the promiscuity and treating foreigners like an ATM. Life in Africa is hard for many women and they will do whatever it takes to survive. You’ll find golddiggers in Asia but not to the same degree. The economies are stronger in Asia than Africa.

  14. About the previous comments, I would tell to the prospective European/American to be very very cautious.

    Her standards of life are not the same. I dated two black girls, both tried to infect me with AIDS and actually the last one succeed. She fucked an infected African man, and then we had sex with her vagina full of male sperm. They do try to infect you, for you to bring them to Europe. The other way is having a kid as soon as possible as you start dating, they will tell you they are on the pill (first one pulled that one on me. Actually it was HIV meds she was showing me).

    They do have their black boyfriends on the back burner, fuck around without condoms, and take for granted you give them loads of cash. They also dump you when you are no longer of use for them (e.g. old and sick). Worse yet, they have a network support on ways how to cheat you, both from friends and family. Some locations are worse than others on doing that systematically.

    So 1st lesson, do not live with them. 2nd lesson, do not have unprotected sex with them. The lady that infected me falsifies HIV medical reports to get new European boyfriends, and to my knowledge it has already infected other expats. She is an asshole about the whole situation as long someone foots the bill. She has had a string of good paying jobs in ONGs, but she wants to save the max money as much as she can. I talked with a poor chap that thought he was the one infecting her.

    So African ladies, never ever again.

    I wish I was making all this up…learn with my mistakes, for me it is too late.

    • Horrible experience! So unfortunate you met a bad person, not African woman. Bad people are everywhere, not just Africa. Nevertheless, good that you mentioned this part. There are very good African women, but then, like every man, it’s difficult finding genuine love especially if you are wealthy. There are golddiggers everywhere and your experience is a typical golddiger story.

      Nevertheless, If you don’t throw money around, and keep a cool head, be friends with the lady you are interested in, and take your time to see if she is from a good family. It’s very easy to know a ‘dangerous african’, just get someone to ask around where they live and work.

      If you can, go to Church, not the funky Churches! The kind of spiritual ones. There are really good African women in those Churches and they are not promiscous, won’t give you sex anyhow, they give Christ. They would fulfil their role as a classic wife that you read in the stories. But, then, do not expect to get a great person if yourself have issues or if you are selfish, your attitude would spin these good women away from you.

  15. First of all not all of us worship u whites…Second of all u made it seem like we are sex objects.!..We arent
    Third of all atleast we like fake hair but don’t smell like plastic

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