What Are Your Summer Travel Plans for 2020?

Summer is finally here and I know many of you are planning vacations this summer.

In order to improve the content on this website, please let me know which countries you plan to visit in the comments.

I will use your feedback to write new articles and find more travel experts to answer your questions.

Just leave a comment below by filling out our comments form. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming trips.

8 thoughts on “What Are Your Summer Travel Plans for 2020?”

  1. IAM a 34 y/o male.single going to Miami for the first time in mid June…..any suggestions fellas. I love thick Latin women…

  2. I have numerous travels, from Costa Rica in August, Colombia in July, to China, Cambodia and Johannesburg in January

  3. Brothers. Far and wide and Tarik as well; I had the idea of putting together a travel tour and wanted to see if any of you would be interested in joining? Many of our sisters from America are traveling in groups and I greatly admire that. I would like to see more of US doing the same; traveling and even open to dating in other countries (would love to Date a Kenyan or Sudanese sister who is both feminine as well as educated and can share insight on her experiences with me; this is ultimate love to me)

    Let me know Tarik or any of you all

  4. I am going to Ukraine in August. Anybody know who Philko is? he is a black expat famous in Ukraine and Russia. I need to get in touch with him.


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