What Brazilian Women Really Think about Black American Men

I can still remember the day my black Brazilian girlfriend in Rio de Janeiro asked me to marry her.

“Let’s get married!” She said with such excitement.

I was only 25 years old at the time and never thought about getting married to a black Brazilian woman, but her was this young, beautiful Afro-Brazilian woman before me.

Most black men hear about Brazil through friends and social media who rave about the sun, beautiful women and lower cost of living.

There’s a reason why Brazil is so popular: black Brazilian women love black American men.

In Brazil, there is a huge shortage of eligible men for Afro-Brazilian women so they are waiting for black men to come visit them. Many of us earn higher incomes than the local men and can provide a better future for these beautiful women.

In fact, I met several black American men who traveled to Brazil and never left. They often get married, start a business, learn Portuguese and make a smooth transition to a different country.

Black Brazilian women like black American men for the following reasons:

  • Higher Incomes -Bblack American men make more money than the local men.
  • Physical Attractiveness – Many black American men could pass for Brazilian men so the physical attraction is there.
  • Dreams of Getting Married – Brazilian men are notoriously unfaithful and known as “players”. Many Brazilian women are sick of the games and looking for a real relationship.
  • Willing to Relocate – Many Brazilian women are comfortable with the idea of leaving Brazil, but they are also okay with living in Brazil with you.

If you are considering visiting Brazil and meeting Brazilian women, then you have nothing to worry about. Millions of beautiful women are waiting for you.

One of the easiest way to start meeting Brazilian women before your trip is to use online dating. Online dating in Brazil is 100% different from anything you may experience in the United States. You will get more replies and potential matches on foreign dating sites because the numbers are in your favor.

BrazilCupid (Read the review) is the best Brazilian dating website in the world. It’s 100% free to join and try.

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