What is it like being black in India? The Truth May Shock You…

If you ever thought about visiting India, then you’ll definitely want to prepare for extreme culture shock during your trip.

After speaking with many black people who have been to India, I have heard horror stories about racism, prejudice and downright hatred towards people with darker skin.

Even southern Indians, who have dark skin, are treated like crap in India’s disgusting caste system.

I have had enough negative interactions with Indian people in Thailand to realize that going to India will probably be a challenge.

Have you been to India? What was your experience there?

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  1. well my uncle who is dark skinned is with my aunty who is lighter skinned with hazel eyes and cousins are on the lighter side more and when they go out there’s been times when people assume that he ain’t part of the family and is just there or sumthin & like he’s prolly the most educated and a person of high post I know and I just get so angered when these things happen in front of me and I shut them down and the person who was dirt-minded wants to go to home to mommma