Confessions of An Expat: What Surprised Me about Living in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of my favorite cities in the world to live because it offers so much fun & excitement to brothas from the Matrix USA/UK.

I’ve written about why Black men should travel to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Apartments, and how to save money for your trip as well.

In this article, I want to share with you some unique & fascinating personal stories that happened to me in Rio. It’s truly a magical city where men can fulfill almost any fantasy.

Of course, things have changed a bit since Brazil hosted the World Cup and the Olympics. However, I think Rio de Janeiro is one of the best places to live in the Western Hemisphere. Many brothas visited Rio and ended up moving there. Here’s a few things that surprised me during my time in Brazil’s capital city.

Speaking Portuguese for the First Time

Ola! Como vai? (Hello, How are you in Portuguese)

I grew up learning Spanish in elementary school so living in Rio de Janeiro was challenging for me in the beginning. Spanish is very similar to Portuguese, but Brazilians get offended if you speak Spanish to them (although they understand most of what you are saying).

I took some private lessons before my trip, but nothing could save me from the struggle of communicating with people in a new language.

The funny thing is most people in Rio were happy to help me learn Portuguese. Something that’s new to me since most people in America scold you for not speaking English.

The better part was learning Portuguese from women in Rio de Janeiro. They kept teaching me new words in their cute, little voices. After living in Rio for 3 months, I finally spoke to a very attractive Brazilian girl in 100% Portuguese during our date. It was an incredible milestone.

And then it hit me…

Communicating with women outside of English has led to 100% better experiences. Is it me or is there something about English that is a complete turnoff?

English speaking countries have fewer marriages and fewer children than non-English speaking countries. Perhaps speaking a different language is a turn on for both men and women.

What do you think?

Rio de Janeiro is like 80% Black

You’ll hear this statement in mainstream media because they want to promote the expensive hotels and resorts on the “Zona Sul” (South Zone) of Rio de Janeiro. Zona Sul is a predominantly white region with the highest incomes in Rio.

However, if you venture outside of the tourist area, you will notice the majority of residents are Black. Take a trip to downtown Rio or the Zona Norte to see what I mean.

The amount of beautiful black women in Rio is jawdropping. I couldn’t believe my eyes during my first experience. I kept pitching myself because it felt like a dream.

Add in the warm weather and a female to male ratio heavily in your favor. Every black man should travel at Rio at least once. It will put a lot of your male-female relationships into perspective.

Rio de Janeiro Makes American Society Seem so Cold and Fake

Party Like a Carioca

I met a brotha from Cape Verde who invited me to a street party in Lapa on Friday Night. Lapa is an area near central Rio that hosts a massive open air party on the weekends.

I found myself in awe with how inclusive everything was. People were walking up to me and talking with me like they knew me their whole life. The Lapa party is like mingling on steroids.

All different kinds of people came together without tension or violence. Perhaps there is less competition over females in Rio or maybe its the weather.

The Pro-Corporate government of America bans outdoor parties because it discourages men from buying overpriced drinks and bottle service. Rio allows people to do what they do best: mingle without being forced to empty their wallets.

Crime is a Problem for Mostly White Tourists

Whenever you read about Brazil, mainstream media emphases all of the crime & petty thief that occurs in Rio de Janeiro. However, I want to put things in perspective for brothas who plan to visit Rio de Janeiro.

One of the reasons why I created ExpatKings was to debunk a lot of the myths about international travel. Too many travel websites cater to the white tourist from a white perspective.

Here’s how what they mean by dangerous:

White Traveler: Uh Oh, Brazil has a lot of black people so it’s pretty dangerous!

The white mainstream media thinks EVERY black country is dangerous. All of them!

Being a black man in Brazil is different from being a white guy. Most Brazilians thought I was from Jamaica. They even walked straight up to me and started speaking Portuguese daily.

I was able to blend in better and you will too. Black Brazilians come in many different shapes and colors.

Don’t Come to Rio If You Love Your Wife/Girlfriend

For brothas already in a relationship: I don’t recommend coming to Rio if you love your wife/girlfriend.

You will be tempted every day by all of these attractive Brazilian girls. They are not only beautiful, but very forward. Your long term relationship could be destroyed just from 1 short vacation to Brazil.

The Brazil Tourism Industry is probably responsible for more divorces than any other country on the planet.

I’ve read articles about married brothas who visited Brazil for a week and stay faithful…Sure buddy.

What are they going to write? That they cheated on their wife with the cute Brazilian waitress they met at the hotel restaurant?

Reading these phony articles cracks me up because I know it is 100% BS. They only write these lies because American women cannot handle the truth.

Single men will enjoy Rio the most because you are free to do whatever.


Rio de Janeiro is a world class city that offers everything for single men. I’ve been all over Brazil but Rio is still my most favorite city.

It offers good food, women, nightlife, jobs, beaches, and everything you need to enjoy life to the fullest.

Of course, I recommend visiting a few times before you move there permanently. I know brothas who have been to Rio over 20 times so it’s okay to visit early and often.

What do you think about Rio de Janeiro? Tell me about your experiences in the magical city.

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