What Thai Women Are Really Like

I can still remember walking down the street in Pattaya hearing the shouts of young Thai girls calling out: “Oh, Hello Chocolate man!”

Thai women are an exotic blend of mystery, culture and beauty all wrapped up in one. They usually speak very little English so talking to a Thai women feels like going to school all over again.

Maybe it’s the language barrier or the weather, but there is something about Thai women that encourages men to keep visiting Thailand year after year.

After spending time in Bangkok and Pattaya on several occasions, here are a few observations I have about what Thai women are really like:

Thai Women Respect Male Leadership

Thai women love their king and their culture encourages women to respect dominant male leadership.

This is a huge contrast from “liberated” females in western society who are taught to do as they please no matter what.

I’ve never seen a Thai woman argue with a man in public or “give him the business” like a typical American woman.

Thai Women Are Shy

It’s a big difference from the aggressive, loud mouthed western female who comes off as a big turnoff. Thai women are quieter and more comfortable being silent. Even bar girls are more silent than their western counterparts (Take notes, American girls!)

Thai Women Seek Out Providers

In most relationships, you are expected to financially provide for your Thai lady. Salaries are much lower compared to the western world so you are viewed a bit like a walking goldmine to Thai girls. The average girl may only earn $300 per month working full time 6 days per week.

Finding a good provider is a priority for Thai girls who are expected to be married by age 26.

Thai Women Can Be Sneaky

If you don’t speak much Thai, then you have to be careful around your girl, especially if you met her in a bar. Many times, Thai girls will say horrible things at you in their language to their friends if you aren’t careful.

If you really want a long term relationship, then I suggest learning Thai ASAP to prevent any long term headaches.

Thai Women Are Slim (Generally Speaking)

Most Thai women are slim with slightly tanned skin along with long hair. Curvy Thai women do exist and you will find some amazing bodies if you hit the streets and keep your eyes open.

If you venture out into the provinces outside of the major cities, the girls have much darker skin because they spend a lot of time outdoors performing manual labor.

Many farm girls come to Bangkok to earn money for their families. They are mostly from the Isaan region and foreigners seem to enjoy these girls the most.

Black Men Can Date Thai Women

More black men are traveling to Thailand in recent years since my first trip to Thailand in 2011.

I’ve seen lots of black men walking hand in hand with Thai women, especially in beach towns like Pattaya. Many Thai women visit hip hop nightclubs in order to meet black men.

All you have to do is show up and make your move.

Thai women at Night Are Usually Looking for Money

They like the color of money more than anything else. The main reason why Thai women prefer white men is because white men bring lots of money to Thailand.

Although Thailand is well known as a backpacker destination, I highly recommend bringing at least $3,000 in cash on your trip. If you really want to experience everything, then save up $20,000 for your trip. The more, the better.

It’s not a place you want to save every single penny. You want to have enough money to go out and have fun every night. Bring plenty of cash on your trip.

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  1. 3 years old, but still current. This post speaks the truth. Lots of people in the West (especially feminists) will hate this truth, but it is the truth. I’m married to a Thai, have lots of Thai friends, have visited Thailand multiple times to see extended family, and I’m a regular in the local Thai community. If you’re a good provider, Thai girls are going to love you. If you marry one, “being a good provider” is going to become your life. They know what it is to grow up poor & they never want to experience it again. If you’re pulling in less than 6 figures I’d strongly caution against marrying one, no matter what you might think before the marriage. Your income WILL become a priority, guaranteed, and will stay the priority FOREVER. The Thai mindset is money, money, money. Other things are important, but not as important as money. If you’re going to love one, you need to accept this.

    Anyone who is Thai/American will not understand any of this post. Thai/American kids don’t even understand their parents. That will be another hurdle you get to cross with your Thai wife as your Thai/American kids grow up… and they’re almost 100% American. I’m pretty happy, but it’s no bed of roses. We never have time together. If I’m not working, she is, because I will never make enough money & neither will she. Every moment of every day is either work or watch kids so she can work. Someone is ALWAYS working. Our kids are amazing, but they don’t speak enough Thai & that disappoints her.

    If you’re good with working a ton & you’re good with her working a ton, you’re good! If you’re not a workaholic & you don’t want to marry a workaholic, look elsewhere.

  2. HAHAHA, but 20 grand are “enough” if you are willing to drive a Lambo all the way thru Bangkok and get drunk every night at Lebuá Sky Bar.

    Thailand is super cheap. I went with my GF two years ago and i stayed at 3-4 stars hotels, very comfy.
    With the hotels payed before, for daily spending for 16 days i made a budget of around 2,000 baht per day ($64 USD) for my GF and me, and at the end of the trip i finished with around 25-30% of my budget.

    I used that money in Singapore, that it helped me a lot because Singapore is really expensive compared to Thailand.

    For example you can eat well and drink a couple beers in Thailand with 150-200 baht per person.

    I saw really beautiful Thai Girls all around the country.

    • what is “wayyycism?”
      i am a carribean male. who has been married and divorced.
      i think mr. tarik maybe didnt do a good job in this article to many of the thai women who responded.

      i live in america and i travel – havnt been to thailand, but want to go only because of the best women in my life happens to be thai and she is not my woman though i wish she was.

      moving on. it is very difficult for black men with dating and relationships. i am someone who desires most a “partner’ not a doll, sex slave, etc.

      there is a lot to be said about the male/female dynamic in USA – to much for me to type it all out and its probably not the correct forum for such discussion.

      what is “wayyycism”

  3. Hey, I just want to say that I understand your intentions with this post and all, however it feels as if you’re generalising Thai women as if they’re all out for grabs. It’s as if you’re trying to engage men to come to Thailand and literally pick up a girl and take her home with you, which probably is exactly the case. As a Thai girl, I don’t respect men having this perception of Thai women. Respect them and treat them with more dignity than the way you did in this post. Western women may be loud mouthed and yes there is a culture difference between Western and Thai women, however even if they’re taught to look up to their superiors (men for an example), it’s not right to encourage others to be interested in Thai women for that reason. The world will progress and so will Thai women. The fact that you tell people to be aware of Thai women talking shit behind your back or even to your face in their language shows that just because they’re taught to show respect towards you (generally men) doesn’t mean they actually do. Don’t try to latch yourself onto fake relationships just because you can’t handle being talked down to.

    • Agree. I am also a thai-american girl and this article physically disgusted me. We are not just objects, we are not all shy, and at least I don’t look to men as my superior. Theres been so many gross articles like this one, and western expats wonder why Thai natives dislike them.

    • Some men want a teammate as a partner, others want more of a “pet”. It is a shame that some cultures still encourage women to accept disrespect and objectification. It is even more of a shame that you are looking to exploit that fact.

    • This article grossly overgeneralises and is an over exaggeration of the socio-cultural psychology of Thai women from your biased tinged perception. Not much different than the usual ethnic sexual caricatures lecherous white expats (sex tourists) like to espouse on social media about Southeast Asian women or Asian women in general. Your fleeting experiences are but a tiny minority when in actuality it just isn’t that simple or easy to attract Thai women no matter their economic or financial circumstances.

    • just met a Thai lady fallen madly in love with her she is 40 years old and the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen I want to spend the rest of my life with her and keeping her happy she’s funny she makes me smile when I think about her now where are parts in lockdown I miss her so much she has limitations and I would not take any advantage of her in any way any ideas how to keep this lady happy

  4. Thanks Tarik! I am going to try like hell to visit Thailand. I am a successful retired military healthy black man with money and dance moves. I am sure I will meet a nice young college girl to fulfill my dreams. I am not looking for prostitutes and I look down on paying for sex. A black man should not have to pay for sex, however I do understand that those women are poor and need to have someone provide for them. If a woman asks me for money, she loses my interest immediately. I don’t care if her pussy is sunshine. I haven’t been laid in 3 years. Hopefully, 2018 will be different.