Top 5 Reasons Why Black Men Love Somali Women

Beautiful Somalia Women

Somali women are some of the most beautiful women in Africa. We ranked Somali girls #1 in our top 10 most beautiful women in Africa list because they are well known for their grace, beauty, and amazing culture.

So what exactly makes Somali women so great?

AfricNetwork, a popular Youtube channel, is run by a black American man who has experience living in Somalia and dating Somali women. He shares his top 5 reasons why he loves Somali women. Check out the video below now:

Here are his 5 reasons why he loves Somali women:

  1. Beautiful Clothing – Somali women are mostly muslim and very traditional with their clothing.They are more likely to wear a hijab and cover up more so than western women.

2. Amazing Smell – Somali women wear many natural oils to attract the opposite sex.

3. Cultural Pride – Most Somali women are very proud of ther country and eager to tell you more about their culture.

4. Amazing Bodies – Somali girls, like most black African women, have amazing bodies.

5. Smoke Hookah – Somali girls enjoy hookah and know how to have fun.

What do you think?

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