Why Black Men Should Leave America to Live Overseas

Living and navigating in America can be a unique kind of purgatory for man of color! For centuries US has offended, disrespected, and disregarded black rights. It is a white space where even the richest of our people are denied apartments and entries in stores. As our life keeps becoming precarious and dangerous, it’s best to leave America and move overseas, to a land of safety.

The more #Blaxit emphasizes our situations, the clearer it becomes that our lives would be happier elsewhere. When the idea of migration evokes dreams of a better future, it is time to move on from US’s unabating prejudice and into innocuous countries like Philippines, Costa Rica, and Thailand.

Described below are 5 major reasons that justify Blaxit and makes us question why it doesn’t happen sooner.


Even after centuries, racism chokehold continues to clamp down blacks in the United States. It’s everywhere – in schools, streets, offices, and the collective conscious of Americans. Many of us have shared their telltale experiences over the years that make us blench. Thankfully, scenario is pleasantly different in Philippines and Thailand, where people find it hard to even grasp the concept of racial discrimination. This gives hope to the idea of black men leaving America for a happier future. While we will have to adapt to their culture, it will still be better than looking out for guns and handcuffs on the way to supermarket.

Cost of Living and Great Economic Divide

It is no surprise that America is expensive for most of its citizens. But it becomes overburdening for black men due to an incessant massive wealth gap. To compare, for every dollar that a white family owns, the family of color has less than a dime. Add to this the devaluation of our properties and underpaid jobs. These wealth disparities and limited opportunities for economic mobility make leaving America to settle in countries like Philippines where cost of living is 51% lower a perquisite for a blissful life.

Biased Government

New government always escalates the number of blacks leaving America but Trump’s election had made things worse by stealing all hope. Today, when stopped by the police, the whites talk with a sense of safety while black men expect imprisonment or fear death. Be it by patrolling only black neighborhoods or incarcerating 6-year-olds, US government has confirmed racial bias and damaged our already-frayed safety net. Conditions are starkly different for black men living overseas in countries where there is color-blind judicial system.


Leaving America brings a great sense of relief, safety, and freedom. It takes away the racial tension, dark future with student-debt crisis, and curbed growth opportunities in corporate America. It also takes away the overburdening pressure of being at our “best” behavior to prevent punishment.

Black men living overseas are able to walk freely and are treated respectfully just as all should be treated. There is no fear of getting “wrongly” arrested or being rejected promotion because of skin color.

Keeping in mind the derogatory US attitude that has encouraged us, black men, to vow to quit the country, it will be apt to say that for us, America is just as James Baldwin once described, “Better from a distance…from another place, from another country.”

What do you think?

Written by Robert Smith

Robert Smith is an Indy Pro Wrestler, Book Author, World Traveler, and Vlogger. He's passionate about traveling and helping people live successful lives overseas. Robert writes for


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  1. Nice piece. I lived in dominican republic 4 years, now Thailand going on 6 years. Well said. I did a youtube video called “retire young in SE Asia” on my yt channel ShimmyCash. Good to see others doing same

    • Moving to South American shortly. The not good a place for black people, it’s time more of us realize that racism is calcified in the heart of the U.S. so we need to move on. She won’t change.

  2. Pathetic. You and your ilk who leverage the opportunities that are uniquely available in America to succeed financially and then have the gall to cry racism and push the victim mentality are pathetic hypocrites. America will be better off when you finally take your own advice and leave.

  3. Exactly, if you hat America that much then get out of here. We are tired of the crime. No offense but African Americans do raise the crime rate in America. They kill each other but when a cop kills one its the end of the world. Yes it sucks that people die (Its not life if there is no death) but we went through “protests” (riots) during the pandemic but they ruin people’s properties and lives. Yes black lives matter and all but does it seem ok to say black lives matter while your breaking into a Target and stealing. That makes people even more mad at them. if Trump becomes president again there will be positive change. And he is not racist. STFU with that. Go home where you belong if you hate America that much.

    • “Go home where you belong” – yes this doesn’t sound extremely racist at all. Highly likely that most of the black people you have interacted with in America have family history extending further back than you. Second poverty and gang activity increases crime not skin tone, example, the most violent countries are in Central America yet when they come to the US you don’t see carryover of their crime rate. Lastly, the majority of break-ins and riot issues during this entire protest have been non-blacks yet assholes like you will still blame black people for it. Oregon and Washington are constantly in fucking chaos and news flash predominantly white. Rittenhouse sure ran into trouble at the riots and had to shoot blacks to escape right? Nope, shot 3 white people.

      BLM and BLM riots = white people getting angry on black peoples behalf. Start thinking critically and you can stop being a bu bu boy and become a ma ma man.

    • According to the FBI website, 68.9% of all arrests in the US for the year 2017 (the most recent year with full data available) were for white people. I wonder if the Native Americans sit back and say to white people “Go home where you belong if you hate America so much”. That’s right….. while you are quick to (inaccurately) accuse people of breaking into a Target, you conveniently forget your people broke into an entire nation and stole the land from the Natives. Then expect the entire country to celebrate Thanksgiving as a day of thanks instead of admitting it is a day of genocide and pillaging. Stop halfway listening to the news. The people went into Target to buy milk to counteract the teargas thrown at peaceful protesters by police who took on oath to protect and serve them (and whose salary is paid by the taxes they pay). They were not there to steal. The protesters didn’t steal. The white rioters did. It’s all on camera. Ignorance can’t always be bliss. Do your research. And as far as that idiotic go home remark, white people kidnapped black people’s ancestors from everything and everyone they knew. Had that not happened black people would be home. If Native Americans had treated whites the same way, so would you (I imagine in some European country full of squalor) and they would still be peacefully ruling this land. Trump will NOT be president again, so positive change will indeed come. Read about Willie Lynch. See how his master plan is still in effect today….

  4. Truth Teller and bububoy clearly missed the point of the article. The man is speaking about his experience and the experiences of countless black people in the U.S. Just because you disagree doesn’t mean his position is wrong. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, a statement like African Americans raise the crime rate, that sounds like racism and white propaganda, not facts or reality. White people commit as much crime as black people, the problem is that whites run the media and control the narrative, so they don’t focus on their own people, just ours. In addition, black and Latino people are targeted at the government level, so of course, you see a lot reported on the crimes they commit. And if you don’t believe that certain people are targeted, then you are just in denial because you are not affected. Also, fuck Target, it’s a building, that’s the problem, you care more about buildings, a thing that can be rebuilt, than black lives that are gone forever. White’s complain about random property being damaged, but when innocent black and brown bodies are shot and killed by the racist police, you don’t say shit. The last thing, Trump is racist! And the reason you don’t see it is because you are racist too! Or, you have a parasite in your brain that allows you to believe ignorant bullshit! Either way, it doesn’t matter the brother told the truth and you don’t like it so you get on here and cry like a bitch! Just like LOSER trump. Last, Last thing, you better hope blacks do not leave this racist country in mass, if we did, this place wouldn’t be shit!

  5. I don’t believe in official history. What was 200 years ago needs a really clear investigation, without taking any official historical doctrines. If it were slavery cases, it is one subject. Another thing is to keep the hate burning through centuries, which is the wrong way. Better for both sides, Blacks and Whites, to look at the situation now and to find the best solution. Now, in 2020 and forwards, if Blacks will support Whites as they can, Whites gonna build more comfortable conditions for all inhabitants of this world. The world’s financial system has enough money to turn the planet into a flourishing garden!
    Greetings from Norway

  6. Of course there’s always shitty white men to comment against posts about black men. No surprise there. The sons of bitches are hateful and angry asf that black people are the only race that’s not afraid to stand up against white cruelty and bs.
    I’ve learnt that that really pisses them off. No one cars nowadays what the shitty arrogant, deluded white man thinks. Only the whitewashed, self hating white worshipping weaklings that still have a colonised mind.

  7. Of course there’s always shitty white men to comment against posts about black men. No surprise there. The sons of bitches are hateful and angry asf that black people are the only race that’s not afraid to stand up against white cruelty and bs.
    I’ve learnt that that really pisses them off. No one cares nowadays what the shitty arrogant, deluded white man thinks. Only the whitewashed, self hating white worshipping weaklings that still have a colonised mind.

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