Why Black Men Should Leave America to Live Overseas

Living and navigating in America can be a unique kind of purgatory for man of color! For centuries US has offended, disrespected, and disregarded black rights. It is a white space where even the richest of our people are denied apartments and entries in stores. As our life keeps becoming precarious and dangerous, it’s best to leave America and move overseas, to a land of safety.

The more #Blaxit emphasizes our situations, the clearer it becomes that our lives would be happier elsewhere. When the idea of migration evokes dreams of a better future, it is time to move on from US’s unabating prejudice and into innocuous countries like Philippines, Costa Rica, and Thailand.

Described below are 5 major reasons that justify Blaxit and makes us question why it doesn’t happen sooner.


Even after centuries, racism chokehold continues to clamp down blacks in the United States. It’s everywhere – in schools, streets, offices, and the collective conscious of Americans. Many of us have shared their telltale experiences over the years that make us blench. Thankfully, scenario is pleasantly different in Philippines and Thailand, where people find it hard to even grasp the concept of racial discrimination. This gives hope to the idea of black men leaving America for a happier future. While we will have to adapt to their culture, it will still be better than looking out for guns and handcuffs on the way to supermarket.

Cost of Living and Great Economic Divide

It is no surprise that America is expensive for most of its citizens. But it becomes overburdening for black men due to an incessant massive wealth gap. To compare, for every dollar that a white family owns, the family of color has less than a dime. Add to this the devaluation of our properties and underpaid jobs. These wealth disparities and limited opportunities for economic mobility make leaving America to settle in countries like Philippines where cost of living is 51% lower a perquisite for a blissful life.

Biased Government

New government always escalates the number of blacks leaving America but Trump’s election had made things worse by stealing all hope. Today, when stopped by the police, the whites talk with a sense of safety while black men expect imprisonment or fear death. Be it by patrolling only black neighborhoods or incarcerating 6-year-olds, US government has confirmed racial bias and damaged our already-frayed safety net. Conditions are starkly different for black men living overseas in countries where there is color-blind judicial system.


Leaving America brings a great sense of relief, safety, and freedom. It takes away the racial tension, dark future with student-debt crisis, and curbed growth opportunities in corporate America. It also takes away the overburdening pressure of being at our “best” behavior to prevent punishment.

Black men living overseas are able to walk freely and are treated respectfully just as all should be treated. There is no fear of getting “wrongly” arrested or being rejected promotion because of skin color.

Keeping in mind the derogatory US attitude that has encouraged us, black men, to vow to quit the country, it will be apt to say that for us, America is just as James Baldwin once described, “Better from a distance…from another place, from another country.”

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  1. Bro you forgot mental well being and health! American healthcare is very expensive. High crime, suicide rate, and mental illness rate… all because America is high stress and low resources. Blacks who leave loose 15 pounds in 2 months, and have never been happier… going to Thailand, Philippines, Mexico for fun but Spain, Portugal, Germany for work. Maybe even France or New Zealand Canada, or Australia if you don’t mind racist, but want better resources. All this is mute if you can make 150k plus in the USA though.

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  3. White Man Here, So Why are you thinking that someone has mistreated you ? I have a Black friend johnny, and stood in for me as best man . He told me that Black people are some of the most racist people in the world . Stop being told what to think is my advice. Stop feeling sorry for yourself get a job if you dont have one already. The dems really want the black man under control they seem to be on your side and will all the way until communism ,then they will show the true feelings . Think Russian and Chinese history think Mao of China . Think Russia the Gulags in the Archipelago Islands . Read 12 rules to life an antidote to Chaos, Read Anything that =Thomas Sowell wrote .Consider leading your people Back To Jesus, God The Father , And The Holy Spirit . Pick up A bible and actually read it
    for a while , seek truth, try not to lie as much as possible. Jesus Said- SEEK MY FACE

  4. For those of you who are white, you don’t know what you’re talking about. This is a racist country. trump just made it okay to not hide being racist, if you are one. The pathetic, pathological lying Neanderthal is a white supremacist. Systemic racism is embedded in this country. There’s so much hidden history. You do know that Black history is American history too. History of the Indigenous is The Original history of America. You guys did not mention the insurrection in January. Did you think they were fighting for your rights? The then-liar in chief sent them over to the Capitol to fight for his lies. About the only thing he did was try his best to undo was President Obama had done. Oh, yes, and if you’re rich, he made you richer. I like clean water, clean air and non-Gmo and hormone-free food. Do you? I used to shake my head when people were asked if they liked Obamacare and they’d answer emphatically NO! Then when asked if the liked the Affordable Healthcare Insurance Act, they’d say, yes. It was obvious trump is jealous of Obama. he cannot stand that handsome, articulate intellectual who actually new words and how to use them. Our people have been held back. Do your research. You have a lot of research to do. What was the only insurrection that happened in America before January 6th? Look it up! Tulsa wasn’t the only town where whites destroyed Black-owned businesses and even destroyed towns and took innocent lives. America wants to say we’re not that bad. The majority of the world is raising their hands saying, uh, yes, you are. We’re imperialists. You do not know all that people of color have gone through. You’re in no position to just because you don’t know what you’re talking about. The videos of Black people being murdered isn’t new. However, the country and the world actually seeing the it on videos is new. And many people still complain. “They should’ve done this!” “They shouldn’t have done that!” “Why didn’t they just do what the police said?” Well Philandro Castro did, and he was still murdered. Tamir Rice was playing with his toy gun in the park. Guess what? The police killed him. I could go on and on about the people who have been murdered by the BAD cops. All police aren’t bad, but the bad ones need to go; fired and not allowed to work in law enforcement ever again or GO TO PRISON FOR MURDER. Sorry you don’t like BLM. If this country wasn’t racist and actually acknowledged the truth and genuinely tried to make things right, none of the groups would be necessary. Racism isn’t going anywhere. Most whites are scared and don’t like the demographic is changing. They don’t want to share the power. They think they are entitled and superior. Remember when george whatever went after Trayvon Martin? He was told not to pursue the young man. george did it anyway. he got away using “stand your ground.” If he initiated the confrontation by going after Trayvon, how the hell were Trayvon’s action not shown as defending himself? Wasn’t Trayvon standing his ground? Level the playing field, make things right. Oh, and look up and actually research what racism is, where it started and why. You’re tired of hearing about it, right? Imagine how we feel. We’re tired of it too. And always remember, People of
    Color are not a monolith. We’re as diversified as anyone else. And most importantly, you do not know what People of Color go through. Welfare? The majority of people on Welfare are whites, but the media always showed Black people standing in line. No such thing as Black on Black crime. It’s the area you live in. Do you talk about white on white crime? When you point your finger at People of Color, make sure you notice that you have four pointing back at you. Pay attention to who is actually doing the most damage and to whom. The Why is easy. If you think everything is fair and right, you’re wrong. You want to help make things right for others besides yourself, you can start with going after all the forms of voter suppression. Gerrymandering. Fewer voting places. Fewer early voting days. Closing early on election day. Get my drift? If you really want to know about our country and even what the world sees when watching us? Open your eyes and do your damn research. South Africa is racist and Mandela became president long before Obama became our president. Go figure…

  5. Hiii I’m from France , I find it quite sad what my brothers are living in USA 😓 EU is becoming a shithole and as for our president LOL A lot of whites peoples don’t get what is happening, but honestly no matter your origins your just nothing to some peoples …….. it’s sad how a beautiful country like America is heading down and most of the citizen don’t see the “diviser pour mieux régner” as for me I will surely sooner or later leave my country , I have some friends in USA but honestly I don’t wanna get shot just to please a bad cop so I won’t go there Xd To all my brothers ✊🏿 And to all my brothers from others “origins” ✊🏿

  6. The take on black victimhood is comical. White people are not remotely black people’s main problem. It’s other black people. Every day and for sure every weekend in one city and burbs after the other it’s other blacks robbing, assaulting, raping and murdering blacks. It’s not remotely whites or Asians. Blacks have large welfare and out of wedlock birth rates, too. That’s mostly White people’s money paying for that.

    Blacks make more money in ( yawn) racist majority White America than anywhere else that I am aware of. This is why despite the complaints, blacks don’t want to leave America for the most part. They have a good deal going on. Not to mention another white man coming up with the latest great invention. Compare that to Haiti or Africa.

    Slavery ended in 1863. Jim Crow was relegated to the south until about 55 years ago. Ironically blacks lived more normal then in some areas. Crime and out of wedlock births were less…a lot less than now in this absurd Blm and antifa era. Today many black folks live a high depravity lifestyle. Hip hop is a so called culture of what exactly?

    As far as the boogeyman Trump, well he sure was and is a lot better than the early dementia Biden who does nothing but race bait for black love all day long like nearly all Democrats do. It’s disgusting. All Democrats and our fake media do is promote anti White and anti police hate. Meanwhile black people use up police resources disproportionately for decades and white on black crime is virtually nothing but black on white crime is high. And you wonder why 10s of millions of people detest American media? Because it’s all about fake incitement. How many black murders have there been since a drugged out George Floyd died? Thousands and yet most media and black people shrug.

    So, hey, a person wants to take off for greener pastures in their mind. Go for it. We all die and will be judged by GOD upon death. But to say America is a terrible place for black people for a long time now is simply not true. Unlike in Africa today, slavery in the Us ended nearly 160 years ago and few Democrats or the black people or the media says jack about that.

  7. if black peope alre retards or lazy WHY they should take a way a job from someone ELSE ?
    jsut because they are black ? or women ? or homosexual ?
    thats FUCKING COMMUNISM .. what’s next ? let’s kill all the hard working peoplejust because they have more money than some blck or minority scumbag ?
    how about the white retard snowflakes asking for fee money for their shitty univ studies ?
    black guys are in general morrons – probably genetics .. look at what happens in south africa ..
    ALL PLACES WHERE THE white people left . become shitholes…
    Now.. the hwite people are becoming degenerwtes (leftists and cmommies) howevr that does not make the black people suddenly smarter….
    BOTH BLACK AND whites and indians and pakis etc will be the servants of the new masters – the chineese ..
    why we dont hear asian people compalining abiut “rasism”.. or latam ? or CUBAN people ?

    we only hear lazy blacks that are leftist idiots comlaining.. ALL CUBAN PEOPLE LOVE AMERICA .. ALL asian people love it too.. it offers the BEST opportunity for ALL RACES ..

    (BTW – it is idiotic to identify a person by skin color etc) – that’s atypical communist/dictatorial segregation of society – where you use the lower leveel scumbags as a tool to press the whole society ..

    anyway .. you are all a bunch of morrons – degenrated retarard barainwashed americans…

    black peopel are welocme in DR – to clean garbage and get harrased by police .. wait.. if you have a US passort you wont be .. but doubt you wil do anything for the rest of the blakc poele living there who are not AS UCKY AS YOU to be born in USA..

    lucky for now.. as US is going down the sink anyway – NO MATTER THE RACE – you are ALL a bunch of retarad brainwashed idiots anyway..

    China is a shitty country .. hwoever they do work and compared to US they can be considered pretty smart – the political class is 10x smarted that those in US ..
    So welcome to the new Dark Age … as there is no place left of Earth to emigrate/run away ..
    EU ans US are done.. the rest are third world shitholes .. except a few countries in Asia where both whites and blacks and indians are FUCKED .. they can only visit as a dumb tourist to spend their cash left and right… then they are sent right back to their shitty countries f- US or EU..

    Russia is probably the only contry that has potential to become the next world leader .. however it is quite cold..
    They will just contorl Europe while China controls the rest of te world.

    And dont worry about the whote race teh degeerated hipsters controlled by the leftists wil make sure you only have obedient slaves left in the workld – black,, asian, indian etc..
    Dont worry.. if you are a black living in US you will also be “civilized” and “controlled” nd taken to jail for offending other minorities or talking shit abut the govt..

    so at the endl al free blacks will be enslaved again.. together with the rest.. and only free balcks will be the stuoid slaves that are BLM and leftist activists.. as long as they are usefull idiots of course.

  8. Of course there’s always shitty white men to comment against posts about black men. No surprise there. The sons of bitches are hateful and angry asf that black people are the only race that’s not afraid to stand up against white cruelty and bs.
    I’ve learnt that that really pisses them off. No one cares nowadays what the shitty arrogant, deluded white man thinks. Only the whitewashed, self hating white worshipping weaklings that still have a colonised mind.

  9. Of course there’s always shitty white men to comment against posts about black men. No surprise there. The sons of bitches are hateful and angry asf that black people are the only race that’s not afraid to stand up against white cruelty and bs.
    I’ve learnt that that really pisses them off. No one cars nowadays what the shitty arrogant, deluded white man thinks. Only the whitewashed, self hating white worshipping weaklings that still have a colonised mind.

  10. I don’t believe in official history. What was 200 years ago needs a really clear investigation, without taking any official historical doctrines. If it were slavery cases, it is one subject. Another thing is to keep the hate burning through centuries, which is the wrong way. Better for both sides, Blacks and Whites, to look at the situation now and to find the best solution. Now, in 2020 and forwards, if Blacks will support Whites as they can, Whites gonna build more comfortable conditions for all inhabitants of this world. The world’s financial system has enough money to turn the planet into a flourishing garden!
    Greetings from Norway

  11. Truth Teller and bububoy clearly missed the point of the article. The man is speaking about his experience and the experiences of countless black people in the U.S. Just because you disagree doesn’t mean his position is wrong. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, a statement like African Americans raise the crime rate, that sounds like racism and white propaganda, not facts or reality. White people commit as much crime as black people, the problem is that whites run the media and control the narrative, so they don’t focus on their own people, just ours. In addition, black and Latino people are targeted at the government level, so of course, you see a lot reported on the crimes they commit. And if you don’t believe that certain people are targeted, then you are just in denial because you are not affected. Also, fuck Target, it’s a building, that’s the problem, you care more about buildings, a thing that can be rebuilt, than black lives that are gone forever. White’s complain about random property being damaged, but when innocent black and brown bodies are shot and killed by the racist police, you don’t say shit. The last thing, Trump is racist! And the reason you don’t see it is because you are racist too! Or, you have a parasite in your brain that allows you to believe ignorant bullshit! Either way, it doesn’t matter the brother told the truth and you don’t like it so you get on here and cry like a bitch! Just like LOSER trump. Last, Last thing, you better hope blacks do not leave this racist country in mass, if we did, this place wouldn’t be shit!

  12. Exactly, if you hat America that much then get out of here. We are tired of the crime. No offense but African Americans do raise the crime rate in America. They kill each other but when a cop kills one its the end of the world. Yes it sucks that people die (Its not life if there is no death) but we went through “protests” (riots) during the pandemic but they ruin people’s properties and lives. Yes black lives matter and all but does it seem ok to say black lives matter while your breaking into a Target and stealing. That makes people even more mad at them. if Trump becomes president again there will be positive change. And he is not racist. STFU with that. Go home where you belong if you hate America that much.

    • “Go home where you belong” – yes this doesn’t sound extremely racist at all. Highly likely that most of the black people you have interacted with in America have family history extending further back than you. Second poverty and gang activity increases crime not skin tone, example, the most violent countries are in Central America yet when they come to the US you don’t see carryover of their crime rate. Lastly, the majority of break-ins and riot issues during this entire protest have been non-blacks yet assholes like you will still blame black people for it. Oregon and Washington are constantly in fucking chaos and news flash predominantly white. Rittenhouse sure ran into trouble at the riots and had to shoot blacks to escape right? Nope, shot 3 white people.

      BLM and BLM riots = white people getting angry on black peoples behalf. Start thinking critically and you can stop being a bu bu boy and become a ma ma man.

    • According to the FBI website, 68.9% of all arrests in the US for the year 2017 (the most recent year with full data available) were for white people. I wonder if the Native Americans sit back and say to white people “Go home where you belong if you hate America so much”. That’s right….. while you are quick to (inaccurately) accuse people of breaking into a Target, you conveniently forget your people broke into an entire nation and stole the land from the Natives. Then expect the entire country to celebrate Thanksgiving as a day of thanks instead of admitting it is a day of genocide and pillaging. Stop halfway listening to the news. The people went into Target to buy milk to counteract the teargas thrown at peaceful protesters by police who took on oath to protect and serve them (and whose salary is paid by the taxes they pay). They were not there to steal. The protesters didn’t steal. The white rioters did. It’s all on camera. Ignorance can’t always be bliss. Do your research. And as far as that idiotic go home remark, white people kidnapped black people’s ancestors from everything and everyone they knew. Had that not happened black people would be home. If Native Americans had treated whites the same way, so would you (I imagine in some European country full of squalor) and they would still be peacefully ruling this land. Trump will NOT be president again, so positive change will indeed come. Read about Willie Lynch. See how his master plan is still in effect today….

    • Maybe you should address your friends that breached the Capitol, hypocrite. The name of this blog is “Expat Kings”, hence we are intending to leave one day and find a place that will at least respect us as human beings and allow us to thrive and live peacefully. “Go home where you belong”, Well, that is the typical and de facto statement of many of your ilk. I am a descendant of African slaves, like so many of my fellow soon-to-be expats or those that have made the journey. I will say that this is not “home” nor I have never felt a sense of belonging, but we have the right to be here if you are implying we are not. I don’t know who you are addressing exactly, but my brothers here are successful hardworking individuals who have invested an enormous amount of ourselves into the fabric of this country, only to be treated like criminals, minus a conviction of a crime never committed. Very pressing question for you..why are you here?

    • Such nonsense children. .how about getting a grip. .just be respectful of everyone. We are all brothers just trying to live our lives peacefully. .the earth is big enough where if someone is not happy just move. .

  13. Pathetic. You and your ilk who leverage the opportunities that are uniquely available in America to succeed financially and then have the gall to cry racism and push the victim mentality are pathetic hypocrites. America will be better off when you finally take your own advice and leave.