Why Black Men Should Leave America to Live Overseas

Living and navigating in America can be a unique kind of purgatory for man of color! For centuries US has offended, disrespected, and disregarded black rights. It is a white space where even the richest of our people are denied apartments and entries in stores. As our life keeps becoming precarious and dangerous, it’s best to leave America and move overseas, to a land of safety.

The more #Blaxit emphasizes our situations, the clearer it becomes that our lives would be happier elsewhere. When the idea of migration evokes dreams of a better future, it is time to move on from US’s unabating prejudice and into innocuous countries like Philippines, Costa Rica, and Thailand.

Described below are 5 major reasons that justify Blaxit and makes us question why it doesn’t happen sooner.


Even after centuries, racism chokehold continues to clamp down blacks in the United States. It’s everywhere – in schools, streets, offices, and the collective conscious of Americans. Many of us have shared their telltale experiences over the years that make us blench. Thankfully, scenario is pleasantly different in Philippines and Thailand, where people find it hard to even grasp the concept of racial discrimination. This gives hope to the idea of black men leaving America for a happier future. While we will have to adapt to their culture, it will still be better than looking out for guns and handcuffs on the way to supermarket.

Cost of Living and Great Economic Divide

It is no surprise that America is expensive for most of its citizens. But it becomes overburdening for black men due to an incessant massive wealth gap. To compare, for every dollar that a white family owns, the family of color has less than a dime. Add to this the devaluation of our properties and underpaid jobs. These wealth disparities and limited opportunities for economic mobility make leaving America to settle in countries like Philippines where cost of living is 51% lower a perquisite for a blissful life.

Biased Government

New government always escalates the number of blacks leaving America but Trump’s election had made things worse by stealing all hope. Today, when stopped by the police, the whites talk with a sense of safety while black men expect imprisonment or fear death. Be it by patrolling only black neighborhoods or incarcerating 6-year-olds, US government has confirmed racial bias and damaged our already-frayed safety net. Conditions are starkly different for black men living overseas in countries where there is color-blind judicial system.


Leaving America brings a great sense of relief, safety, and freedom. It takes away the racial tension, dark future with student-debt crisis, and curbed growth opportunities in corporate America. It also takes away the overburdening pressure of being at our “best” behavior to prevent punishment.

Black men living overseas are able to walk freely and are treated respectfully just as all should be treated. There is no fear of getting “wrongly” arrested or being rejected promotion because of skin color.

Keeping in mind the derogatory US attitude that has encouraged us, black men, to vow to quit the country, it will be apt to say that for us, America is just as James Baldwin once described, “Better from a distance…from another place, from another country.”

What do you think?

Written by Robert Smith

Robert Smith is an Indy Pro Wrestler, Book Author, World Traveler, and Vlogger. He's passionate about traveling and helping people live successful lives overseas. Robert writes for

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  1. Nice piece. I lived in dominican republic 4 years, now Thailand going on 6 years. Well said. I did a youtube video called “retire young in SE Asia” on my yt channel ShimmyCash. Good to see others doing same

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