10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Travel to Jamaica

1. Jamaicans are some of the friendliest people in the world.

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2. The Cost of Living in Jamaica is Much Cheaper Compared to the United States.


3. Jamaica is home to some of the best beaches in the western hemisphere.

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4. Enjoy a tropical, sunny Caribbean climate year round.

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5. Jamaican food is very delicious and full of rich flavor.

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6. The Laidback Caribbean lifestyle will reduce your stress levels and make you feel super relaxed.

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7. Jamaican women are extremely friendly and easy to meet.

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8. Flights from the USA are only 3 hours long and very affordable.

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9. Experience life in a majority black society and escape the pitfalls of the Matrix USA/UK.

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10. Jamaica Carnival is one of the most wild parties on earth.

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Written by TJ

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  2. Greetings of Peace Tarik ,I am very interested in Jamaica do you have any info on how to make the move to Jamaica? sources ,contacts, climate ,cost of living,Gov.,taxes, retirement incentives ,who, what,when,where,and how,or any other caribbean islands please respond ASAP thanks.