Black Men Travel Overseas Because They Can’t Deal with Black Women?

You’ve probably heard the common stereotype that Black men travel to places like Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, and South Africa because they cannot deal with a strong Black woman back home.

Black men who travel overseas are called as “sellouts” and “traitors” who should “man up” and find a good sista back home.

Is there any truth to this statement?

I’ve spent a lot of time recently in Southeast Asia and have seen a lot more black tourists and expats in 2017 than when I started traveling in 2009.

There is definitely a black male travel movement going on and it’s getting bigger every year.

Yes. I agree that black men are spending more time and money overseas but I’m not sure if it’s just because they don’t want to deal with black women. After talking to many brothas during my travels, black men are looking for more financial opportunity and feminine women.

Foreign Black Women Have Much Better Attitudes

What’s funny is many black men travel to places like the Caribbean, South America and Africa in search of younger black women with better attitudes.

Black women in Brazil, Colombia, The Gambia, Dominican Republic and other similar countries not only have better attitudes, but are much more friendly and easy to get along with.

I rarely come across a foreign black woman with the same character traits as black American women do. It’s such an uncommon occurrence that I really shocked when foreign black women act like their American counterparts.

Black american women have an awful reputation around the world for being loud, aggressive, and just plain mean. Black men have known this for years and now they are voting with their feet and passports.

Black Men Realize Western Society is Being Destroyed

Western civilization is under serious attack due to several factors including a corrupt financial system, terrorism, racism discrimination, illegal immigration and a whole lot of negative karma.

My recent article about the Barcelona Attack shows how the United States and Western Europe are being targeted by terrorists on a regular basis.

United States debt levels are at an all-time high and illegal immigration is taking jobs and opportunity away from natural born American citizens.

Countless police shootings are causing American citizens to fight back against the same people who are supposed to protect and serve.

Black men who travel understand that western society is not what it used to be. This is causing many brothas to travel more and see what else is out there.

They aren’t running from black women; They are running from a sinking ship to a more secure vessel.

Black Women Get Their Power from White Male Domination

Why is the ship sinking? Because white male domination is under attack in western society. Muslims, refugees and immigrants are moving into traditionally white societies like North America and Western Europe, thereby threatening the white status quo.

Ironically, black women receive most of their social power in societies where white men dominate and control the resources. He is able to empower her through education, jobs and undeserved social benefits.

Black women in non-white countries act much differently because they aren’t rewarded with money and handouts while still acting like a complete idiot.

In order to make it big in places like South America, Africa and Asia, black women have to be smart, business minded and respectful of the society.

It’s not that black men can’t deal with black women. We understand that black women can use the judicial system in places like America to intimidate, imprison and bankrupt us.

Unfortunately, black women will need another long term strategy since multiculturalism will eventually overtake western society.

What’s the Solution? Black Men Should Help Themselves Before Helping Others

Putting up with trouble & stress from western civilization is becoming too much for the modern day black man.

The more I travel around the world, the more I realize there are so many different places where brothas can build a foundation, business, family and a rich legacy.

It’s time we started helping ourselves first instead of being the punching bag for modern day white society.

Black women secretly want us to remain in a powerless, frustrated position because absolute power corrupts absolutely.

By helping ourselves, we also help black women because they are too victims of racism, prejudice, job discrimination and violence. However, they are too emotionally attached to the trinkets & little gifts given to them.

Foreign Women Are Worthy Competition to Black Western Women

Not sure about foreign women? All you have to do is check out some of my past articles about places like Brazil, Colombia and Thailand to realize that foreign women are a serious threat to Black western women.

Globalization and the rise of online dating has opened a brand new playing field where you can connect with women from all over the world within seconds.

Why can’t Black women, in particular Black American women, rise to the challenge and step their game up?

I’ve lots count of how many times I met a brotha who dated a Brazilian or African woman and refused to deal with an American woman again.

Closing Thoughts

Foreign women are definitely not pushovers, but they come with so many fewer worries and long term problems. Many of my worries and complaints as an expat overseas are nothing compared to the problems I faced while living in America.

To put it bluntly: international travel gives me unlimited options and I chose to exercise those options.

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  1. Reading this article was quite refreshing and confirmed what I already believed to be facts. I also agree with RON. “Brother, its not Black Women, it’s American Women PERIOD!!!” I notice some of the black women are commenting how the author is somehow degrading black women. Nah, he’s just spilling the beans on American Black Women not black women across the globe. Truth is, the United States has a severe break down in morals, spirituality, gentrification, dumbing down their citizens, and destruction of traditional family households. I’d recommend reading New World Order by A. Ralph Epperson and Behold A Pale Horse by William Cooper. You’ll find your answers in there as to why the country has fallen.

    In regards to black women in America specifically? A lot of political correctness and the big word is FEMINISM has played a part in why they act the way they act. Most of these women didn’t have a dad growing up. They come from single parent homes which is a big thing in the United States. So to get involved with a man that symbolizes any type of authority they’re going to want to challenge him and be more superior than him. A foreign woman is more traditional (Filipino women especially). She expects a man to be a man. She isn’t trying to overthrow his authority because she realizes this is a union. Get with a woman that aims to inspire you or show you the door on how to better yourself for her and a potential family if you intend on having kids with this woman. These other chicks that only think about themselves and go along with these new era ideas about gender roles can kiss your ass.

  2. It is inexplicable as to why black men would severely criticize and even denigrate black women. You do realize that black women gave birth to you and that you wouldn’t exist without them, your black mothers. There’s no doubt your first crush was a black girl; your first girlfriend was a black girl; your adolescent sexual fantasies were of black women. Perhaps the reason why some black American women appear to be less feminine is because they had to become both parents when their husbands abandoned them or became unmarried single mothers with the added stress of navigating through systemic racism and injustices. Regardless, most black Americans still marry each other than other ethnicities.

  3. The reason that slavery, in what is now the USA, took place is because black people, historically, have been slender and with good muscle tone. Had the Africans of earlier centuries been fat, slavery in what is now the USA would have never taken place. The black American female being a land whale is a post-1970 situation.

    • You must be aware that American chattel slavery had nothing to do with black African body structure. Most of the world’s people at that time could be described as being “slender with good muscle tone”. Christopher Columbus made such observations about the indigenous native peoples in what became the Americas. And I’m sure you know why the native “American” populations began to rapidly decrease when they were enslaved by the Spanish.

  4. Lucinda is another denyer…….i agree with the content of the above article. same with white people; we use to cook in the 70’s and 80’s may be there was 1 fat kid at school (who had a hard tme..) now it seems 1/3 of all the kids are fat. and yes lots of black women in wetsern societies behave like monsters, like super super egocentrical, moody and aggressive, whats wrong with you black women…..? i know whats wrong; you re big big ego is in the way all the time. funny how the all go to church and worship yeshua. back home they mistreat their man. hypocrites. why is the black woman always so mad? Its reflection of her inner pain, is it not…?

  5. Black women are,not the problem…it’s there satanic, bi-polar, schizophrenic, greedy, nonchalant, irresponsible “Thinking”; and dumb attachment to that silly woman’s live movement… That’s the real problem…This is How you know that’s true…Look at the obesity rate in the black women in, the black community.Now dats they think being fat or having a big hippopotamus ass is sexy and beautiful. That’s straight out the box bulshit! That came from her ignorant ass falling tor what white me allowed to be shown in “black pornho/porno movies” magazines, and dumb ass rap music videos. That his white cave man ass approved…and the wrong foods the black community eats…The black man in his idiotic state,of mind supported what the Caucasian cave man approved as to how the black woman should look, and the condition of her mental state, and thinking should be.Now the wise black man, only the wise ones are waking up to the tricks pulled on both…black man and woman…he see the overseas woman…Asian, South American, island woman as beautiful now…with a low to no obesity rate….low to no insanity….and she us willing to work with him, help him and not ride,his got dam back as if he your job, or welfare replacement ticket… And if he get the right one from over seas…he don’t have to ever worry about any hair weave. Or skin lightening creans…Remember, when the American black womanrearly gave you the time of day unless you was light complected, rich, or had what they see as good hair…remember? Y’all (black women) and there unwise pussy starved supporters….want the wise nlack man to subject himself to her cancer, and insanity…eating wrong leads,to cancer, and thinking wrong leads to insanity….The majority if not all the oversea’s woman-Asian, islanders, African, Arabian, and South American women are small sexy, and petite….a few,are fat and obese. However, the black American women out number there obese foreign women 10 to 1…and counting…and that’s sad…Back in the 60’S, and up to about 1982 black American women had it going on…after that… laziness kicked in and the local greedy neighborhood restaurants replaced balanced home cooked meaks, and proper nutrition…Bad foods,ruined there body and thinking…if you don’t believe me got to youtube, and review the early recordings of “Soul Train” when Stevie wonder had the keys to life, and The obeys was on the love train, and the Jackson 5 first appeared on The soul Train…See if you can find a fat black girl, or man… or any obesity, that includes a donky, or hippopotamus big ass black girls anywhere in the Soul Train gang…yeah, that’s what I thought…The whole generation did a dumbfounded flip. . They thought that was,slick… with there country lame ass… “Naw…That ain’t slick….that ain’t slick at all…The ignorant black woman is being replaced by another woman… accept it or reject it… Now she desperate…She see other women who know how to Love and treat the black man with the black man…plus the overseas woman look younger…due to there duet…and also there is a lot of down low or lesbians who never wanted any man…many didn’t even know what to say to a man… well it is what it is now…Change and it will change…Start with you all’s thinking first…good luck!

    • coming from a Haitian and Puerto Rican American woman’s experience with hanging out with Black American women, is that they aren’t desperate for African American men’s affection (same as me since I’m married to a Haitian man) and many of them are still getting married, or moving to different countries (Like me and my husband) for love and a better life with the increased amount of money they get from working in the medical and law fields. Black American women are only considered obese in large number’s because the American BMI system was designed for white women, they incorporated the Asian BMI recently because Asian women were continuously being written off as underweight for years. They have yet to bring the African BMI system here which would show otherwise that their obesity rates would be Much lower than you think. You just sound ignorant, racist, and stupid with your lack of grammar, facts, and comprehension.

    • I think this article very well demonstrates the problems in America and Europe. With a large number of black men being impacted by the school – prison pipeline and being left under educated causing a rift between them and black women who usually fare well educationally. It marks an imbalance and frustrated experience between the two… and a lot of ridiculously naive and offensive articles bashing one another rather than seeking to resolve each others problems.

    • I’m actually surprised to see some many black men have been exposed to the same difficulties that I have experienced. I wish I was as awake as I am now 10 years ago. I really want to find a woman from overseas that doesn’t have the aggressive dominating personality of the black american women.

  6. A good article. I will, however, caution against black women in foreign lands because the mass media has spread the conduct of the USA black women to other lands. For example, the wearing of hair weave has taken hold in the major cities of Africa.