Why is Online Dating Becoming Popular Among Older Adults?

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The trend of online dating among older adults is spreading rapidly. The oldest person to register on a dating website is 91 years young. So, you can understand the craze among the elders striving to find a better half at an age where they are alone and have no one to talk to.

The popularity of online dating among senior citizens

Why do you think your grandfather is so excited to log in to social networking websites? Why is your grandmother secretly asking you to register her to an online matchmaking site? One reason is their loneliness. Older adults who have lost their better half years ago long to be with someone in their final years. If your grandfather lives alone, the isolation will eventually get to him, decreasing his happier years ahead.

Moreover, there is nothing wrong with older adults dating after 60. Recent online dating demographic in Paris shows that adults over 50 years make up for 22% of the memberships in online dating apps. Matchmaking websites like LoveSita do not limit their users to a specific age group. If you feel there is a need to meet new people and there is a chance of romance blooming, then why not give it a shot? When you see hundreds of older adults online, you may feel enthusiastic about diving in and taking a chance to experience what this online dating thing is that your grandchildren can’t stop talking about.

What senior citizens miss most when their partner passes away is the lack of someone they can talk to. Many older adults were also seen talking to Google Home to pass their time. So, if online dating apps can become a rescuer to such adults, then everyone should welcome it with open arms. Dating after 60 doesn’t necessarily mean your parents or grandparents will get married. It is their way of socializing with new people; with people, they don’t know but would love to meet and spend time with. Isn’t that the fundamental rule of online dating in general?

Taking it slowly

With older adults involved in dating apps and websites, they can initiate meetings with their matches according to their flexibility. It is not like the younger generation where there’s more of an urge to meet in person than knowing the person first. For them, friendship is more valuable at their age rather than thinking of building a long-term relationship.

One of the advantages of senior citizens turning to online dating platforms is that they have the freedom to live life on their terms. There is no one to judge their actions. In fact, this concept supports the statement that love knows no age. You cannot restrict the elders because they were once married. Let love grow among everyone because that is one source of happiness that they can acquire at an age when every door starts to close on them.

There is no rule that online dating for older adults will turn into a successful relationship that will last for years. If there is a genuine feeling between two souls, age would undoubtedly be just a number.

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