Why The Black Male Travel Movement is Becoming So Popular

I still remember my first solo international trip overseas back 9 years ago when I can remember being one of the only brothas sitting in the flight terminal.

Whenever I traveled, I would see only a few black men traveling internationally. Fast forward to today, I am absolutely overwhelmed because so many more black men are embracing international travel and exploring the borders outside of the United States.

For years, we were told that international travel is too dangerous, too expensive or just plain stupid. This is not the truth anymore. International flights have become super cheap and a rise in travel bloggers & vloggers are now sharing their personal travel experiences with the entire world.

Why is the black male travel movement becoming so Popular?

I think blogs and social media have changed the mindset of the typical black male. We now have a more accurate depection of what’s going on outside of the USA and this has reduced travel anxiety and increased our interest in other countries, languages and cultures.

However, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Don’t think everything about international travel is rosy. You will deal with other problems including language barriers, cultural barriers, racism, and adapting to a completely different part of the world.

These are welcomed challenges, though. Challenges make us better people and help us grow to new heights by pushing our boundaries. Sometimes, God wants to test your strength to see if you are ready for his many blessings.

If you are still debating whether or not to travel overseas, then I encourage you to take your first baby step by booking a 1 week trip to one of your dream destinations. Find out which country piques your interest the most and start doing research now. Literally, start right after you finish reading this article.

Figure out how much money you’ll need for your first trip and start a savings fund to make your dream a reality. You will be surprised at how cheap your trip will be if you book your flights in advance, stay in budget hotels, and avoid most of the nightlife tourist traps.

If you need help planning your trip, then I would be happy to help. I offer travel planning services in the ExpatKings store.

Recommended Black Male Travel Facebook Groups

If you’re looking to network and meet more brothas in the movement, then check out the following Facebook groups:

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/BTMMensGroup/?ref=group_browse_new
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/755783674509270/?ref=group_browse_new
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/1685884878328450/?ref=group_browse_new

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  1. A black man is by most accounts, safer overseas than here in the U.S. No worry about a crazed, angry white man with an axe to grind who embraces his 2nd amendment rights, a cop who will find a reason to pull you over and the overall hostile atmosphere here. I can’t re-locate permanently, but will travel every chance I get. Black men, get that passport..it’s your ticket away from the madness, even if you can get away just for a week, it will keep you sane. Not saying overseas is perfect, but my stress levels and overall outlook on life improves each time i leave.

  2. I travel overseas thanks to blogs, YouTube videos, and good international dating/marriage agencies such as “Dream Connections” and “A Foreign Affair”. If there is any place a black man or any man of any race should be scared, it should be where he lives. Dealing with loneliness, lowlife friends, local drunkards, irrational women, demanding job, discrimination, pressure to drink and drive or do drugs, etc. can make any man lose his mind and get on a plane to escape to Paradise. That is how I feel almost everyday in Henderson, NC.

  3. Tarik Piecre great article and topic!!! I personally believe the real reason for the increase in more black men traveling outside of the U.S. is due to the INTERNET and SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Websites like yours (Expatkings.com) and HappierAbroad.com by Winston Wu are helping us to see the world as a far less scary place than from being limited by the mainstream media and Hollywood. I myself Mr. Piecre after viewing your websites has gained an interest in traveling to Panama, Brazil, Spain, France or the Philippines. I already have a passport. Also, I thank you for the travel/dating tips and I love the quality of this website (the content and pictures)!!!! Please keep up the good work!!!