Why You Should Marry a Filipino Woman

I bet you’re wondering why anyone would ever take that leap of faith and marry a Filipino woman or start looking into dating a Filipina in the first place. Being that I’ve personally now engaged to a Filipina, I got to say that it’s been the best thing that I could possibly have done.

I can honestly speak from experience that I’ve dated so many women here in the United States only to have very little to zero success. As a matter of fact, it’s only resulted in being frustrated, burned, and disappointed. Facing so many years of heartbreak and regrets, I finally said “I’M DONE WITH DATING AMERICAN WOMEN.”

I’m sure I’m not the only one that felt this way. I know there are plenty of single men out there that have been burned by western women and now realize that there is no hope into dating western women and have begun their search for foreign women.

What I ended up doing was began my search online looking for guys that has dated foreign women, especially Filipino women. To my surprise, I’ve found many of them that not only are dating Filipina women, but have even married them and started families.

Most of the men that I’ve seen have all said the exact same thing. Most of the guys haven’t found any success in America or have found that America has proven to be too difficult to build lives there, so they all took the high road to freedom out of the country. Thus, they are living simpler and happier lives abroad with their Filipinas.

Let’s dig in deeper into this topic a bit. So why do so many men even choose to date or marry a Filipina.

For starters, Filipinas are very well known for their beauty. They really stand out especially in terms of charm and femininity.

Most of the Filipino women are very respectful. One thing that I can say is that you will never find a Filipina woman bringing shame onto herself or her family by being dishonest or running around with other men.

Filipino women are very compassionate and understanding for the most part. Most Filipinas will never start fights or arguments unlike those from the western side of the globe. Most Filipinas were raised in good homes. To them, arguing is just not acceptable or even tolerated. This is what they strive towards.

Believe it or not, most Filipinas believe in being with one person. So if you just trying to “sow your wild oats” sort of speak or “Playing the Field”, then you’re looking in the wrong place. If you’re looking to build a family and want a committed relationship then you definitely need to get yourself a Filipina.

In the Philippines, there is no such thing as being divorced being that it’s not even allowed. To many foreigners, that is a good thing. To Filipinas, marriage is a very big deal for them and they honor marriage and see it as a life time commitment. Filipino women are very committed and loyal to the very end.

Loyal and commitment to their family is a tradition and is a very high priority. To them, their family is their wealth. You will see that when it comes down to it, they will sacrifice their jobs than their family.

What you will also learn is that Filipina women are great house keepers. They take pride in their home. They go far and beyond to create a welcoming environment for their family.

If you’re planning on moving to the Philippines or bringing her to the States, you will see that a good majority of them are predominantly Roman Catholic. It’s very common in the Philippines where you see parents raise their children in church.

I hope that I was able to answer those questions that have been in your mind on why many men, especially western men are now jumping ship to finding and dating a Filipina. If you do decide to date a Filipina, I wish you nothing but success. Who knows, you might even get engaged and soon marry one just like I’m in the process of doing right now!

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Written by Robert Smith

Robert Smith is an Indy Pro Wrestler, Book Author, World Traveler, and Vlogger. He's passionate about traveling and helping people live successful lives overseas. Robert writes for

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    • Yes i always knew that people are weak and/or just look for problems.
      I have been “using” women and especially Asian girls since 20 years and have no intention to do anything else with them.
      Lucky me, I am too smart to do something as stupid as marriage.

      • Let me address this negativity from you by saying this. The only person that I find to be weak or stupid is you for even having that in your mind and worst of all saying that. The fact that a person like yourself would never marry is for the simple fact that you avoid a “real commitment.”

        I real man handles his and another issue that you stated that you like to use people says a whole lot. Let me to a wild guess, someone one probably an American woman used the hell out of you or if not people must have walked all over you and you couldn’t handle it. So you went out to the Philippines and take advantage of the women their to justify and fill that void that plague you for year?

        And then you say lucky you. You’re not lucky at all. You the one that has real mental and emotional issues and you’re entire comment proves that.

        I know you probably have something negative to say…so keep saying it to prove my point and it’s also pushing this article up 🙂

        • The guy who needs to travel abroad to be able to have sex and maybe marry someone is going to teach me life, hahahaha… Thank you, you made my day <3
          And don't worry, I do not do Asian only in PI, I also do them in Thailand, China, Japan, anywhere, because I know what they want and I have it for them…

          • HAHAHAH Seriously??? Dude I travel to Dubai, Mexico, and Philippines a bit and I would care less about what you do. Dude you can literally screw the entire world for all I care. All you’ve done is simply exposed your entire sin all over this post for the world to see….

            In you’re case…I hope you catch something hahahahah. At the end of everything….You’re still a lonely man.