How to Get WIFI Internet Access in the Philippines

Getting fast WIFI internet access in the Philippines can be a challenge for ex-pats because major cities like Manila suffer from overcrowding, which slows down internet speeds.

Many condos and apartments come equipped with free WIFI but the download speeds are often extremely slow. Most renters purchase the cheapest WIFI plan (up to 10mbps) to save money and this can cause issues if you want to stream movies on Netflix or use your WIFI for work.

The best advice I can give is to buy your own prepaid WIFI if your internet connection is slow. Here’s exactly what I did to upgrade to a much faster internet connection without breaking the bank.

Best Overall Option: Globe at Home Prepaid WIFI

Philippines offers several WIFI companies like PDLT, Smart, and Globe. I found Globe at Home to be the cheapest option with pretty fast internet speeds.

You can buy a Globe at Home Prepaid WIFI router for $20 (999 PHP) that comes with a free 10 GB WIFI bonus.

Go to any local Globe store or order one from Shopee online.

All you have to do is plug in the router at your place and connect with the Globe Facebook page to receive your free 10 GB bonus.

If you need more bandwidth then you can purchase more GB using your Globe’s mobile plan or Grab Load.

Best for Mobile Data On the Go: Globe’s GO50 and Unlimited Plans

Buying mobile data while traveling around the city is very useful for getting directions, booking a Grab, etc.

My advice is to buy a cheap Globe SIM card at 711 then use the Grab App to add load to your phone. You can use your credit or debit card to purchase Grab load then purchase a data plan that suits your needs.

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